We will resist abuse of constitution to rig 2020 elections- Minority

The Minority National Democratic Congress has served notice to the government to resist any attempt by the National Identification Authority to usurp the powers of the Electoral Commission in a bid to influence the 2020 elections.

According to the Minority, the NPP government intends to use the Ghana Card registration data as the foundation data to be used for an entirely new voters register.

They also indicated that recent developments at the Electoral Commission with the removal of the Electoral Commissioner and her two deputies sets the perfect stage for the NPP as part of their grand scheme to pursue their agenda of rigging the 2020 elections.

Addressing the press on Tuesday on the discriminatory transfers at the births and deaths registry and the NPP’s rigging agenda for election 2020, ranking member on Foreign Affairs, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, stated, “We will not permit the flagrant violation of Article 45 (a) of the Constitution of Ghana which mandates only the Electoral Commission “to compile the register of voters and revise it at such periods as may be determined by law.

We will therefore fiercely resist with every force we can marshal any attempt to hide under the National Identification Authority’s discredited Ghana Card to usurp the Electoral Commission’s constitutional mandate in compiling a register of voters”.

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According to the Minority, they want the immediate reinstatement of Richard Womega and Ms. Peace Agbenyo of the Volta Regional Births and Deaths Registry and also demands the recall of John Yao Agbeko of the National Births and Deaths Registry to his post.

Furthermore, they explained that Article 23 of the Constitution of Ghana imposes an obligation on “administrative bodies and administrative officials to act fairly and reasonable and comply with the requirements imposed on them by law”.

The Minority also maintained that the President,[Akufo-Addo] has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of Ghana and therefore has a duty to adhere to Chapter five of the constitution and particularly Article 17(2) and (3) which frowns upon the kind of the shameful discrimination being meted out to the people of the Volta region.

Unfair targeting of Volta Region

The Volta region is not the only region in Ghana and yet the New Patriotic Party has consistently demonized the Volta region with the sole objective of reducing voter turnout in the Volta region and thereby advancing the NPP’s electoral chances, the Minority noted.

“That said, it has become very obvious that the Akufo-Addo government seeing that it has performed abysmally in power has hatched a grand scheme to prevent as many people as possible in the Volta Region where they lack support from obtaining base documents needed to register for the Ghana Card even as they continue to resist sound advice to include the Voter ID.

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This can be the only plausible reason for the unfair and callous transfer of Mr. Womega and Ms. Agbenyo and the removal of Mr.John Yao Agbeko as the national head”.

In the case of Ms. Agbenyo, the Minority explained that she had been transferred from the Sekondi Municipality in the Western Region to the Volta Region with her little children in less than a year before her current cruel transfer.

Okudzeto also stated that the National Head of the Births and Deaths Registry in Accra who hails from the Volta Region, Mr. John Yao Agbeko was handed out similar brutish treatment when he was instructed to hand over to a subordinate and report himself to the Head of the Public Service Commission for reposting to another institution.


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