Minority alleges fraud in Ghana Card registration

The Minority in Parliament says the whole process of registering Ghanaians for the Ghana Card is fraught with challenges, describing it as a ‘rip off’ to the nation.

According to the ranking member of Finance, Ato Forson, the government engaged a private company to borrow US$168m for the purposes of national ID card.

“So that person is investing US$168m and will end up controlling revenue flows of approximately US$1.1billion, in fact that company is getting in return approximately US$510m for investing US$168m, this is a rip-off, we will not accept this” he said.

For the minority, their position is that they want government to come back to Parliament and give them better particulars.

He also urged the vice President to give Ghanaians better information since the project is being spearheaded by him.

“We know he is in support of this agreement, he is the same person who said that interoperability is a rip-off, so I want to ask him base on the same principle [ if interoperability of US$1.1billlion is a rip-off, then US$1.4billion national identification card is indeed a bigger rip-off.

From what we are seeing here, we are seeing nothing but fraud” he added.

The Minority also served notice of boycotting the registration of MPs onto the NIA database.

The Minority MPs said they are boycotting the exercise because the NIA has failed to address some concerns raised in terms of the identification requirement and cost of the entire project.

The issuance of Ghana Card was among the government’s key promises to formalize the country’s economy.

The objective of the project is to enable the NIA fulfil its statutory mandate, enable NIA generate revenue to fund its operations and projects, upgrade the NIS to become the foremost source of identification systems in Ghana.

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