Vlisco, Lokita partner on capsule collection to celebrate the African woman

Every quarter Vlisco partners with either an established or upcoming fashion designer to develop a capsule collection to celebrate the fabrics. Several designers have partnered with Vlisco over the years to launch successful collections.

For the upcoming designers such opportunities are once-in-a-lifetime and most of them have used the platform to stardom while the established players used the opportunity to entrench their positions in the industry.

The latest to join this illustrious group of designers is Lokita. As a very young brand, Lokita is partnering with Vlisco for this quarter’s collection under the theme ‘Celebrations’. This collection, dubbed “Lokita for Vlisco Capsule Collection” is a good expression of the latest season 4 Collection which emphasises on “Celebrations”.

Led by the young, exceptional and talented Lokita Akosua Dansua Essuman, the designer has developed some of the most colourful, elegant and classy designs that any career woman would want to take to work, church, dinner or cocktail meeting or even a simple hangout with friends and family.

“It is an opportunity I have been looking forward to ever since I started out as a fashion designer. Being able to produce the capsule collection makes me feel blessed and I see this as a stepping stone to higher places. This brand opens doors and the name Vlisco is a signature of endorsement globally,” Lokita told the B&FT at the launch of the collection.

Touching on the choice of designs, Lokita noted that she used the opportunity celebrate the curvy woman. “The works emphasis on the waist and hip area but the looks are very comfortable to wear. The best part is if you do not want them in the fabrics that are on display, any fabric design you choose can be modelled in the same looks as you see.

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We are fortunate that Vlisco produces a collection where the colour tones they use for these particular fabrics fits every shade of the skin and comfortable for the young and old. These are fabrics that fit all occasions. These designs can be taken to work, church, dinner, and any place that a career woman goes to,” she said.

Stephen Badu, Marketing Director for Vlisco Ghana, added that these styles will surely add some distinctiveness to the wardrobe of any fashion connoisseur.

“It is a season of giving and Vlisco has prepared an exciting assortment of designs to showcase your unique style and African heritage. From bold yet feminine nature-inspired motifs to geometrics with eye-catching illusions, this year-end collection has exquisite designs to send off the year with flair! You can choose from 10 exclusive styles featuring Lokita `s signature and works,” Mr. Badu added.

As a brand, Vlisco believes in originality and innovation that is why it collaborated with Lokita. “We are very happy with her works, her level of creativity and uniqueness. The brand Lokita creates a fashion chorus that echoes in every professional and social corner that is graced with her presence.

She recognises the quest of today’s women who don’t want to choose-they want it all! Uniquely stylish, proudly homegrown, unapologetically cutting edge and African is our definition. Every style exhibit focus, commands respect, exudes youthful exuberance and underline sensuality,” Mr. Badu added. The outfits have been on display at the Vlisco store from 5th November 2018 to 31st January 2019.

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More on Lokita

Self-motivated, naturally talented, ultra-creatively minded, Lokita Akosua Dansua Essuman, founded her fashion brand, Lokita, with a fresh perspective on the modern day woman and the role fashion plays in her self-expression.

Coming from a fashion-forward family, Lokita learned the basics of dress making at the feet of her grandmother who was a dressmaker. At seven, the left overs of her grandma’s pieces of fabric were gold to young Lokita, who would eagerly create her own version of whatever style her grandma would have cultivated. In Junior High School, Lokita made her own clothes, which won her extensive admiration from family, friends and onlookers.

Driven by what had undoubtedly become a family heritage, Lokita pursued Clothing and Textiles at the Senior High School level after which her international travels exposed her to a plethora of fashion identities, brands and concepts. The opportunity to explore the world, fed her with a new thought process which would end in her pioneering a unique blend of international fashion styles with cutting edge integration with the local/indigenous fashion concepts.

She is inspired by the works of Diana Von Furstenburg, Mi-chael Costello and Yemi Koshibah. Lokita Essuman has created a brand that is elegant but forceful, powerful but sensual, intense but fresh.

Lokita means eager, powerful, intense…three words that could easily describe the 21st century African woman and her innate desire to pen her original story and carve her legacy into the world’s consciousness. Lokita creates a fashion chorus that echoes in every professional and social corner that is graced with her presence. She recognises the quest of today’s women who don’t want to choose – they want it all.


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