Vida Kye Darko: transforming lives with innovative HR solutions

For the thousands who are losing their jobs in the current banking crisis, securing another job in the same sector or starting all over again in a new field altogether is not only a challenge but a scary move especially for those who have been in banking all their lives.

Having felt comfortable and secure in an environment for years to a state of joblessness, emptiness and not knowing what next is a dangerous place to be, particularly, when you did not foresee such a situation in order to plan towards it.

In step Vida Kye Darko, the Managing Director of 360gv Group, a firm that offers all-round professional services to improve organizations’ greatest assets; their people.

To her, the current banking crisis serves as the perfect opportunity for workers to embrace change and do something different. “To those who have lost their jobs, they should be more flexible and embrace change because there are new opportunities out there,” she says.

“If you have a good redundancy package, you can go back to school to upgrade your academic credentials and that will even enhance you as a person. You can also go to an expert who can support you in the field you want to work in. It might mean that working for nothing just to get the experience to get that new role you want,” she adds.

Since taking up the leadership role at 360gv Group, she has helped reshaped the career of thousands of workers to look beyond their area focus and enhanced those who want to progress on the career ladder and she is currently in talks with a lot of those affected in the banking crisis.

Her biggest joy comes when a client’s life is transformed due to the work of 360gv Group. HR is rewarding, she says.

“Looking after the interest of another human being is more rewarding than anything you can think off. Supporting someone get a job, supporting someone become better at what they do and supporting someone going through challenges is good. We also look after the company interest and we ensure that the company does and say the right things so it does not end up in tribunal,” she adds.

View on Consolidated Bank and staff

With almost 2,000 workers of Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) facing major uncertainties with regard to their employment status, the bank has pledged to re-engage staff affected by retrenchment through service provision.

This, in Vida’s view, is a good move which shows the bank is thinking about the welfare of the staff even after they leave the banks. “This is a very good move by CBG and that is what I had to go through when I was made redundant. This shows that CBG is thinking about its employees whether they are exiting or not,” she says.

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She adds that even though the effort by CBG Is laudable, government needs to be meeting with businesses leaders more and more to discuss the future of workers regularly while business leaders should be more flexible with workers, especially those who could be losing their jobs.

“With business owners, when people are being made redundant, employees should be given time off work to attend interviews and see what other options are out there currently and also like CBG is doing, support them with the necessary training for another job,” she adds.

So far, she, as the leader at 360gv Group, has supported redundant bank workers counselling, training and development, building their CVs and even offering them experience in other fields than banking because some of these people are looking at other fields and no longer interest in banking.

“With our recruitment agency, we get them ready for jobs by getting to know them and know their long term goals and then advise them and support them build their CV through training and development.

We identify and seize new opportunities by analysing organizational human resources issues, and developing strategies for remedy and improvement. We prepare people for employment; provide the right calibre of people for organizations; enhance learning and development through quality training; and help implement organizational change,” the innovative and change-oriented Vida notes.


Vida moved to the United Kingdom in 1991 and worked across several sectors of the economy including businesses such as McDonalds, and John Lewis Partnerships, an employee-owned UK company which operates John Lewis & Partners department stores, Waitrose & Partners supermarkets, its banking and financial services, and other retail-related activities.

As an accomplished and driven professional with entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched drive, Vida has the proven ability to contribute to a company at both strategic and operational level by delivering people management strategies.

Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) qualified, together with a 15-year HR career distinguished by commended performance and proven results, she has extensive background in HR Management, including experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance.

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Before coming back to Ghana last year permanently, she served as the HR director of East Cantonment Pharmacy Limited (ECPL), one of the leading pharmacy service providers in Ghana.

With employees constantly complaining about employees not living up to the tasks assigned them, Vida believe that employers are not equipping employees well enough to the jobs. “I took this on as a challenge where I set up a project call developing potential. This project lasted for six months and trainings were done in person and through other platforms such as Skype. At the end of it there are testimonies,” she says.

Future for Vida and 360gv Group

With a mission to stay focused on delivering skills and knowledge that significantly improve the course participants, and tailor HR solutions to effect change in organizations across Ghana and beyond, 360gv Group put its customers first and thrive in continuous improvement.

The vision is to be the preferred platform for linking candidates to employers in alignment with our unmatched training and development services while the values it works with are Excellence, Speed and Service.

To Vida, her future at 360gv Group is a big one. In addition to the HR consultancy, the company is in other areas including catering, property management, security operations, and a training school. “Some of them are not for profit but for the passion. Our vision is to put people in roles not to make money but be satisfied and business owners will get results,” she says.

Under its HR consultancy, 360gv Group strives to achieve faster recruitment rate by strategizing recruitment methodologies and initiatives.

“We focus on each profile individually and prefer to understand the requirement of every individual in order to connect him or her to the right organization. 360gv Group also works in partnership with clients to tailor solutions to meet their needs and ensures the right personnel is ready for the employer by undertaking rigorous recruitment exercise,” she adds.

With its training and development unit, 360gv Group equips clients with the necessary tools and techniques to be efficient, effective and lead teams to deliver unrivalled customer satisfaction.

“360gv Group assists organizations to build a continuous learning culture. Our training and development program includes Customer Service Training (CST), Leadership and Management Training, general management and administration skills, analytical thinking, office management and ethics, and monitoring and evaluation,” she adds.

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