Upcoming comedians proved their worth at second Glo Lafftafest

Glo Mobile Ghana once again brought together Africa’s most astute comedians under one roof in its second “Glo Laffta Fest” comedy show, which is the third of five mega shows scheduled to entertain and appreciate customers for doing business with Globacom.

It was a crazy night of fun at the Fantasy Dome, Trade-Fair. Right from the unset, upcoming comedians, drawn from various parts of the country, both Ghanaians and Nigerians based in Ghana, delivered hilarious rib-cracking performances to trill fans.

The Fantasy Dome, Trade-Fair, was but just a perfect place one could have find himself/ herself to have a fun filled satisfactory weekend to freshen up and gather momentum for the upcoming week.

The show officially started with performances from the underground comedians which is the status quo all over the world irrespective of the event. If one was to enter while any of them was performing, it is absolutely impossible to determine if he was a headline act or an underground act.

It started with MJ, who did a great job to get the house ready for more action. Then came the outstanding performer in this category at the previous Glo Laffta Fest, Waris the Comedian. He exhibited great skills on current issues to maintain his position as one of the best upcoming comedians in Ghana. I can forget any other comic performance on the night but not Waris’s joke about a funny preacher who entered a trotro and started his thing.

Comic Emma, Babs, E-Laff among others, all performed amazingly and the audience appreciated their individual brilliance.

Glo Ambassador and MC for the night, Van Vicker, then introduced the first main artist on bill for the event in the person of Khemikal, who had the name as a result of his hatred for chemistry back in school.

Though diminutive in fame, he captivated the audience with some good sets of jokes from his rich repertoire and succeeded to get the audience reeling and yearning for more. Khemical earned the confidence and plaudits of all with his flawless delivery and original jokes too. Many felt he will be a game changer in the future of Ghana’s comedy.

Ugandan Salvador cracked more ribs with his jokes, some of which the audience would not forget in a hurry. His joke on the age and number of years the President of Uganda has been in office to the extent that even if you ask a 20-year-old that what is the name of your former president he will still mention the current president was very hilarious.

Nigerian comedians, Senator and Dan D Humorous did not participate in the first edition but they stood tall among their colleagues. They gave a good account of themselves and the audience did not fail to appreciate them for their exemplary performance.

Foster Romanus was one of the best performers on the night. His joke about African Worship Singers in Church faking anointing and falling on the ground several times is still fresh on my mind.

DKB, arguably Ghana’s biggest stand-up comedian, did great with his performance but was not at his best on the night. His entry was amazing but along the line he dropped the momentum for which he is known for. However, he handled it in an intelligent manner and that shows the calibre of comedian he is. In general, he was not bad at all, it is just one of those risk factors of the industry.

Basketmouth was more or less a preacher on the night. His hilarious sermons on carefulness in matters of relationship with the opposite sex was fantastic. Not even a second of his performance was boring. He is a real genius when it comes to comedy.

Gordons, was the last Comedian to perform on the night. He came at a time when the audience were almost drunk in laughter and tired for the night. Some were even on their way out but the hilarious entry of Gordons got them back on their seats.

He baptised the audience with laughter and gave them an antidote to all their worries for the next few days.

All is now set for the fourth edition of the Glo Mega shows which comes off on the 22nd of September. It will be the second edition of the Mega Music show and trust me you will not want to miss this one. Artists to expect on that night are; Stonebwoy, Wizkid, Yemi Alade, Tekno, among others.

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