The Events Centre: Gbawe’s iconic face

Despite being one of the fastest growing communities in the Greater Accra Region, and Ghana for that matter, Gbawe, located in the Ga South Municipal Assembly, has been known for its under-development.

Until recently, most of its roads were unpaved; business activities were slow; employment opportunities were lacking; the schools were mainly public schools with limited infrastructure, police stations and other social amenities were non-existent.

To top it all, there was no modern facility in the community to host events like weddings, funerals, birthday celebrations, and other parties. Most of these activities were held on streets or better still in the homes of people. To sum it all, opportunities and infrastructure that are visible in every progressive and developing society were missing.

But in the past few years, things seem to be turning around. Gbawe is now getting its fair share of development. The roads are being paved; ultra-modern apartments and offices are being built; facilities like hospitals, international and montessori schools, police stations, among others, have been constructed all over. There is also an active private sector participation that is creating both formal and informal jobs in the community.

However, there is one facility that stands tall in the community and has become an icon that has changed the face of Gbawe. This is The Events Centre.

As the name suggests, it is a venue for hosting large gatherings. During its construction, there were much speculation about its purpose. Some felt it was an international school; others thought it was a motel or hotel; still others were not sure what the facility was going to be used for.

But after the building was completed, it was made known that the facility was going to be used to host events—notably weddings, funerals, and parties—something the community has longed craved for.

It was as if the entire community was a shareholder in the facility.  And as if it were a tourist site, some just visited the facility to see its beauty and share in the joy of having such a centre which they have waited for–for so long. Again, it was as if some, by certain means, got to know that the facility was going to host events. So, even before it was completed, bookings had already been done—an attestation that the community had longed for such a centre.

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Let us go through some features of the centre that puts it above all event grounds in the community and its environs.

Features of the facility

The Events Centre has a spacious ground with a capacity to host more than 800 people. The ground is a garden-like design with well-trimmed grass which is well treated and watered to give it a natural green look.

There are two water fountains sited at the extreme ends of the grounds that give the environment a peaceful and serene atmosphere. These fountains also glow at night, giving the centre a beautiful look.

The centre is also well-lit at night, giving it a nice background for photography. These are not all, The Events Centre offers more.

There are rooms rented out for short stays; a standby generator; canopies and chairs for rent; adequate washrooms, changing rooms, sound speakers, among others.

Security is also another plus for The Events Centre. There is 24/7 CCTV surveillance and another 24/7 human security. The facility has also been inspected and certified for fire safety by the Ghana National Fire Service.

Moderate pricing

Seeing and hearing about the features of the centre, one might conclude that only the affluence in the society can afford to host a programme there. But such is not the case. Management of the centre, in determining the price, felt they owe the community some responsibility, considering the interest showed by the community. Management, therefore, decided to charge a moderate price for the venue.

Interview with the manager

Curios about the motive behind siting such a centre that could have fetched the owners much more revenue in a different location than its current location, we drew closer to the Manager, Benjamin Dodoo, to find out more.

Asked why the investment was done in the Gbawe community, Mr. Doodu explained that it was about time the community experienced something better that will invite others to come and see what it has got to offer.

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“We could have built this edifice in another community. But we realised Gbawe didn’t really have an event’s centre of this kind. We felt constructing this here will bring some light to the community and draw attention to it which we believe will bring development here.”

He added that siting the centre at Gbawe will also provide inhabitants options for venues to host their programmes, especially as people in the community have been used to hosting events on streets, school fields, and other unapproved venues.

Asked about the vision of the facility, Mr. Dodoo said management’s vision for the centre is for it to grow with the community where it will become the face of Gbawe, so that, people will quickly identify the community with the name ‘The Events Centre’.

Staying on top of competition

It is obvious that opening such a centre, especially the first of its kind in the community, will attract other competitors. But Mr. Dodoo says he is unfazed by such thoughts as The Events Centre will continue to offer excellent customer service and always look for ways to exceed customer satisfaction to remain on top of competition.

Again, from time to time, the centre will offer promotional packages, especially, during occasions such as religious holidays, national holidays, and other recognisable occasions to attract new clients.

Yes, Gbawe is calling! The Events Centre is telling the world that Gbawe—a community that is now fast growing with development—is ready to host them in a well-befitting environment that will make their occasion beautiful.

Catch The Events Centre on Facebook or Instagram on this account ‘The Events Centre’ and book a date for your venue as soon as possible and have the chance to see how Gbawe is being transformed.

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