The Cake Fair, slated for July 28th-29th

With what started as a love for cooking and baking, Catherine and Kekeli set up ‘The Cake Fair’ event after realising the absence of cake tasting and cake fairs in Ghana.

For three consecutive years, The Cake Fair has been running successfully and has created opportunities for ‘cake-students’ as well as bakeries to exhibit their cakes and cake items and equipment for sale.

This year promises to be different, serving vegan cakes as well as gluten-free cakes targeted at vegetarians. Ten students will also get the opportunity to exhibit their handiwork for free.

Another thing to expect is that this year’s Cake Fair is slated for two days from the 28th to the 29th of July, 2018.

In an interview with the B&FT, Co-founder of The Cake Fair, Kekeli Gloria Hogba noted that their biggest challenge as an organisation has to do with funding and venue.

According to her, space and venue in Accra is mostly limited to the Accra International Conference Centre or the National Theatre.
She noted that hotel conference rooms are usually the next available options however due to high cost and inadequate space for the number of people that show up for The Cake Fair, it is usually not an option.

She was however quick to add that this year’s edition of The Cake Fair will take place at the Accra Digital Centre because it is equally spacious and convenient.

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On funding, Madam Hogba noted that event has since its inception in 2015 been self-funded. She therefore called on the general public and interested persons to contact The Cake Fair on 055 358 3269 for sponsorship and support.

She said: “We’re looking for sponsors because putting something like this together is not easy due to the venue and the logistics. For the past 3 years we’ve been doing it ourselves. Each year, more than 700 students graduate and they have nowhere else than social media to showcase their stuff. However, people want to taste your cake before they buy it. It’s not about how nice you make it look. It’s how good you make it taste. We often give free stands for students and get them on board for them to put their cakes there for people to try it and see what they can do.”

On her part, Madam Catherine, Co-Founder of The Cake Fair said that engaging children is one of the factors that has been considered in this year’s event. She said there is going to be an area where children would be engaged in making cake and games.

She said: “What previous years we’ve realised is that people love to bring their families and their kids there so this year we’re setting up a kids corner so don’t worry about the kids you can bring them and they will be entertained and taken through some few tutorials on how to make dinosaur cakes cookies and all back. It is going to be music food and jam all day for two days.”
Another side attraction she admonished patrons to look out for are the fancy cakes that will represent each region in Ghana. She said there will be cakes in the form of fishes or canoe to represent the Ga community and their fishing culture.

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She said: “This year we’re going to have students exhibits different types of cake representing different tourist attractions in Ghana. For instance, there are ladies who will be doing the Accra cakes will be focusing on what the fisher folks do here. So we may be seeing a cake in the form of a canoe or in the form of a fish. And the venue is bigger than last year it is going to happen at the Accra digital center. It has a huge parking space with good ventilation.”

For sponsorship and enquires, call The Cake Fair on 055 358 3269 or 023 180 9500.

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