Stephanie Benson has a ‘soul hangover’ …set to rock tomorrow night at +233 Jazz Bar

The lights dim, and we hear a soothing voice over all the noise, the place goes silent and we are held spellbound by the voice yet agitated, as we turn left and right hoping to find who the voice belongs to.

In our haste to demand an answer, the tempo changes and then we get caught up in the rhythm and the voice adding flavour to it. Then steps on stage, the owner of the voice and the crowd erupts, this isn’t your average fan crazed concert.

It is the truth baring show; where the act shows us what she has been through with her journey with breast cancer.

Stephanie Benson lets loose in a see through dress that shows off her newly reconstructed breasts, a testament to what has been a fierce fight with the deadly disease.

Stephanie Benson known as Princess Akua Ohenewaa Asieanem of Ahenema Kokobin, comes once again to the +233 Jazz and Bar Grill on the 18th August,2018 at 9pm for GH¢75.

The show dubbed Soul Hangover promises to be an over the top celebration as the one more time crooner, celebrates her 51st birthday. Her 51st birthday came off on 16th August, 2018 but the fun loving singer wants everyone to have a taste of life as a 51 year-old hence the show being held on Saturday.

The mother of five and chocolate shop owner started her ride with music at the age of eight and has gone on to perform for the British Royals and is said to have wowed them with her performance; that her allotted time of 15minutes was extended to an hour. Coming to bring the soul to the hangover along with Stephanie Benson are her BEPI girls and many exciting talents.

Stephanie Benson began her career in London nightclubs where she was discovered by Pete Waterman owner of PWL, who signed her on to his record label and released her first single ‘Now is the Time’ which catapulted her to a place in the top 20 on UK dance charts.

When her contract with PWL, she went on to sing and write for acts such as Stevie Wonder, Rob Davies(Kylie Minogue), Celine Dion and many more.

The Soul Hangover

Designed to be a birthday bash for Stephanie, the soul hangover promises to be a treat for jazz lovers as she goes back to her first love of jazz. The Hangover, a connotation of what fun one is going to experience with the surprises she has in store for the audience, likened to being drunk on her music.

Stephanie Benson says: “I grew up on soul music and I love it, so this is going back to soul, everything that has to do with soul, the love, the jazz, and we’ve got Lady Jay who is doing killing me softly. Songs from my era, I’m opening it up for people to come and join me because all my singer friends will be performing,”

When the doors open, audience should expect to be treated to good music from the BEPI girls. BEPI, Benson Entertainment Production Institute was established in 2013 to train young people interested in music. It has gone on to produce great acts that perform with Stephanie often.

Some songs by the star performer include; Goodbye, Good feeling, Barima no, I am worth it, My Prayer, Dear Lord (which she released after her battle with cancer), It’s all about love, Different kind of Heaven, Friend, Whatar you doing with your life, One more time, and Now is the time.

Stephanie Benson premiered her new single, ‘It’s You’ on Monday, 13th August, 2018 and is generating some buzz already. She promises audience that it will make an appearance at her show on Saturday.

She came under fire a couple of years ago for how she dresses but has also endeared herself to many Ghanaians by talking about fitness and being a long time judge on the Vodafone Icons show in its initial stages.

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