Saki Cole Fashion Brand is made for the contemporary woman

In a recent search on Instagram, I chanced on this Ghanaian fashion brand Saki Cole and immediately fell in love with the clean, simple silhouettes and classy pieces of the brand. They are not your typical all African wax print kind of brand but you can certainly feel the unique and blend of Ghanaian and modernity in her pieces.

Saki Cole is a womenswear fashion brand founded by Netty Anang. She explains that fashion has always been a way for her to express herself and as she grew older it became obvious fashion is something she wanted to make a career out of.

After studying at Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design for a year and partnering with a fellow designer a couple of years, Netty decided to venture out of her own and started the Saki Cole brand in 2015.

Saki Cole prides itself in making clothes for the smart contemporary woman who likes to express herself. “Our style is very minimal and sophisticated which makes our clothes suit the needs of these women.” she said.

Netty is inspired by different things and everything around her.“Sometimes the women we design for, where they have been, their personal stories etc. we draw inspiration from everything around us” she explains.

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On what makes Saki Cole fashion brand different from other Ghanaian fashion brand, she reiterates that “at Saki Cole we believe that clothing should be functional so we try to make clothes that can we worn more ways the one”.
Just like many young fashion entrepreneurs, they also have their fair share of challenges some of which are fabric sourcing, finding the right employees that are skilled and equipped, funding for projects like fashion shows amongst others.

Netty aspires to have Saki Cole to not only be a local brand but an international one. The brand has been spotted on personalities such as AfuaRida, Lydia Forson, Berla Mundi amongst others. She hopes to expand to different parts of the African continent and then subsequently to the world.

The fashion industry does play a significant role in supporting and pushing designers to gain global attention. Asked about her take on the fashion industry in Ghana and suggestions on how it can work better, Netty shares, “I think that the world has become such a global village and fashion has become partof our everyday lives. It’s away people express themselves, and also a way people share their art and talent with the world.”

She added that “ultimately, it’s become a billion-dollar industry. I feel like the fashion industry in Ghana has become aware of what’s going on in the rest of the world and is becoming part of that global village. The world is recognizing the work of some amazing designers coming out of Africa and I think we are only beginning to scratch the surface.”

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Saki Cole is one fashion brand that is making use of social media to heavenly retail their pieces as purchases of their pieces can be made on their social media pages with plans underway to have their online shop in the near future.

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