Rebecca Asamoah: a beauty queen with a charitable heart

She is currently the Miss Africa and also Miss United Nations (World). She was the second runner up of Miss Ghana 2015. She has traveled wide and has so much exposure. Her main passion in life is to bring smiles on the face of the needy and the poor. But a few know her beginning and her rise to stardom.

Today, Rebecca Ghedo Asamoah shares her story with the B&FT on how it all began. A native of Sandema in the Upper East Region, she is the last of six children. Telling her story, she notes that life was not rosy for her and her family at all. For a father who was taking care of six children and a wife, it wasn’t easy for the family, but he did his best to provide for them.

“Because of these financial constraints in my family, I had to be moved from a private school to a public one in Ashale Botwe, a suburb of Accra,” she says. Even though the quality of education was lower there, Rebecca didn’t give up nor was she discouraged. She was determined to make it in whatever school she found herself, no matter the standard of education.

Her hard work paid off when an international organization came to her school and she was selected as part of students who qualified for an educational scholarship. Sadly, her headmistress unjustly replaced her name with someone else and she missed out on the scholarship.

But for someone who was raised in a home which had never known luxury, she had developed a tough skin for injustice. Her father encouraged her not to let the issue shatter her dreams but work hard to achieve her goals in life.

Naturally, she was a brilliant student and so with hard work and dedication to her books, she passed and furthered her education at the Mfanstiman Girls School in the Central Region.

After her senior high education, she gained admission at the Kintampo College of Health where she studied Dental Hygiene. It was within this period that people closer to her encouraged her to compete in the Miss Ghana beauty pageant because they realized she had a passion for helping the needy.

She followed her passion to touch lives

With her humble beginnings, Rebecca developed keen interest in bringing smiles on the faces of the deprived and underserved in the community.

So during her birthdays, she would organise her family and friends and visit and/or donate to one of the orphanages or deprived communities in the country. The high point of all was when she visited the Akropong School of the Blind in the Eastern Region.

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“I remember I organised my family and friends to the school and the experience was one of the best I have ever had. The kids were amazing. They can do all the things those who are not visually impaired can do. It motivated me to keep doing this kind of gesture regularly.”

After the visit to the School of the Blind, she paid a second visit to a leprosarium in Accra. Following that visit, her urge to make charity a part of her life became stronger.

How I became a beauty pageant

People around her realized that her interest in helping the needy was very strong. One of such people was the late Dr. Brandford Ekow Ansah, a dentist who worked with All Oral Dental Clinic and FC Dental Clinic in Accra where she did her internship.

He encouraged her to apply for the Miss Ghana competition as it will give her the opportunity to embark on a social responsibility that touched the lives of many. Other friends also said the same thing to her and it began to dawn heavily on her.

“Sometime later, Dr. Ansah died and I said to myself I will apply for the Miss Ghana 2015 competition as a way of paying my last respects him. So, I applied.”

In this competition, contestants are mandated to do a social responsibility project. So, she worked in a project on child prostitution in Elmina, Cape Coast. After the project, it qualified her to the next round and further progressed to the final where she came second runners up.

Even though she didn’t emerge winner, a strong-willed Rebecca didn’t let it dampen her spirit. The following year, 2016, she was nominated by the organisers of the Miss Ghana competition to go to South Africa and represent Ghana for the maiden edition of Miss Africa. She emerged winner of the competition which had over 40 contestants. As if that was enough, she was again nominated to represent Ghana at the Miss United Nations pageant.

It was after this that she registered her own NGO— Ghedo Care Foundation. The choice of the word ‘care’, she says, is an indication of how passionate she feels about caring for people.

How she has impacted lives

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Rebecca is riding on the back of the three crowns on her head to impact the lives of people in various communities. Some of the projects she has embarked on are in the area of sanitation. She, together with a few friends, has begun a project that will take them round schools in various regions across the country to educate students on sanitation and donate materials to that effect.

Currently, she is also involved in a training programme which seeks to empower the disabled in the Northern Region. Then, there is also Water for Rural Africa programme which, together with a friend, was launched this year to provide portable water for rural communities. The project has already started in the Volta region.

Again, periodically, she organises a blood donation exercise and health screening for rural communities.

Besides her own projects that she embarks on under the Ghedo Care Foundation, she is always ready to support anyone who solicits her help to promote any social project. For Rebecca, the essence of life is to love, care, and impact on the society; and that has been her main motivational force in all she does.

Finally, together with Abraham Attah, she has been appointed as the Free SHS ambassador, where she is championing the need for every child to be educated in the country.

Rebecca with Abraham Attah, both ambassadors for free SHS


Rebecca’s biggest challenge in venturing into social projects is the unwillingness on the part of many to help. And sadly, in her case as a beauty queen, some men try to make sexual advances toward her just because she needs their help. But for someone from a very disciplined home, she has vowed to always maintain her dignity and not yield to such advances.

My vision

“My vision in life is to always be that happy young lady who is ready to give a helping hand to others. How do I do that? I do that by working extremely hard so that I will be equally blessed. I am looking at having a dental clinic in years to come where I can make dental care accessible and affordable to people and get a big orphanage.

I feel the future is bright and with positive attitude and commitment, with the help of God, we will get there.”

Her plea

Rebecca is imploring people to take interest in social projects as they impact positively on the lives of people and has the power to transform the lives of the under-privileged.

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