KumKum Bahgya Technology

Amazingly, this is the only factor and word that has driven the world till date; and forever shall it be so. This is what has given our lives so much leap and bounce.

Most of us, I am pretty sure, might appreciate Technology from the angle of Information Technology – and it is quite understandable because that is all that we have been exposed to.

The discovery of fire was technology. Mind you, this was in the pre-historic or primitive era. It enabled man to warm up during cold times and also see in darkness to protect himself and defeat huge predators.

Again, out of the discovery of fire, spears, cutlasses and other forms of weaponry were invented. As this technology got worked on, it could be used to produce large weaponry in the form of cannons which could be used to wipe out a whole tribe or nation during war on a mass scale.

During the industrial revolution another technology was developed, and that technology was electricity.

The utilisation of electricity within this era changed the whole perspective of productivity. Factories and industries could now churn out more products throughout the entire day.

Now, employees could work 24 hours and 7 days in a week in the industries. So, more people got employed and economic growth was phenomenal.

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Out of this, the industrial revolution led to steam and combustion engine technologies – which totally altered the way man travels. This led to the development of ships, cars to carry goods from one country to another and within towns or cities.

Finally, the discovery of flight technology in the 20th century completely brought countries closer as never seen before, because by now a shorter time was required for reaching other countries – unlike with ships.

The ships took days to reach whatever destination. This meant flights could be used to deliver goods and services in a faster, more convenient way than ships.

Well, the Internet technology in things of today has given the capacity to do business in any country of your choice by a click from wherever you are; not necessarily stepping a foot in that country but working in a very scalable manner. For example, AB&B or UBER, ALI BABA and so on.

So, what is Technology?

Technology is anytime, anywhere a new variable is introduced to the same set of circumstances to create a totally different exponential result.

So, I am sure by now you are wondering what this has got to do with KumKum Bahgya of Adom Tv.

Well, by mere use of a translator technology, KUMKUM BAHGYA became a phenomenon in this country of Ghana.

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The same set of circumstances in the form of Tv series from India were just like the Mexican Tv series, yet by just translating (new variable) the original Hindi language from the India Tv series on Adom Tv into a local language, ‘Twi’, gave it a totally different exponential result. KUMKUM BAHGYA leapfrogged every other series on TV at that time. It was a huge success with regard to advertisements on Tv slots as well.

From this, one can deduce that Technology is not information technology products like computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, tablets, phones and as well as software applications but a means or vehicle through which a technique/innovation/invention can be deployed to achieve exponential results.

So, what should one do?

Before one decides to spend on any technology, one has to identify and understand the same set of circumstances and then look for the variables that can scale it beyond imagination.

Always understand that the variables are very simple in little clues and most times embedded within the same set of circumstances.

Technology is not IT, and IT is not Technology.

Think about it!

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