India marks 72nd Independence Day in Accra

Indians in Ghana gathered last week at the High Commissioner of India to Ghana to mark their 72nd Independence Day in Accra.

The ceremony brought together all Indian nationals living in Ghana and their well-wishers to join the rest of the world in celebrating their sovereignty.

In a speech delivered by High Commissioner Birender Singh Yadav on behalf of the Indian president, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, urged Indians to be proud of their history and work toward building a nation they can feel proud of.

“We are fortunate that we have inherited the legacy of such remarkable patriots. They left us with a free India, but they also left us with unfinished tasks for the development of our society, for the empowerment of the proverbial last person, for their liberation from poverty and social and economic inequality,” he said.

He further challenged the youth to follow the footprints of their forefathers and develop the passion to build a better India through technology, entrepreneurship, creative arts and other disciplines, adding that every Indian should work with all sincerity and commitment.

“Every citizen of India who does his or her duty sincerely fulfils a personal and professional obligation and keeps to a given word, and is at a fundamental level upholding the principles of our freedom struggle,” he said.

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Mr. Singh announced to the audience that India will commemorate the 150th birthday of the great leader Mahatma Gandhi, taking some time to eulogise him and recount some of the things he stood for.

“Gandhi did not just lead the freedom struggle. He was and still is our moral compass. Everywhere across the continents, Gandhi is mentioned, cherished and remembered as an icon for all humanity. He refused to be restricted in his definition of politics and political activism, or even freedom.

“Let each of us adopt his ideas and maxims, in whatever manner we can in our everyday work and conduct,” he said.

Lastly, he encouraged all Indians to remain united in tackling the challenges which plague them, and not leave them for only government to handle.

“Together, we can help every citizen of our country. Together, we can conserve our forests and natural heritage; we can safeguard our monuments for future generations; we can renew our rural and urban habitats.

“Together, we can eliminate poverty, illiteracy, and inequality. We can and we must do this together. The government has a leading role, but not the sole role. Let us use government’s programmes and projects to further our own efforts. Let us make the sense of ownership our destination,” he said.

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