Ghanaian Models cover new issue of DEBONAIR AFRIK magazine

A lot happens in a year, just like fashion trends. They just come and go. My favorite black shoe is only normal to people who have the right attitude to fit in. In recent years, fashion has become an empowering tool in the society from top brands to the end user. But one cannot talk about the boost in the fashion industry in West Africa without us “Models, mannequin”. Modelling in Africa has evolved over these years in structure and presentation.

I’m excited to announce the model issue special edition. We thought it was just the ideal time to bring to light some of the ground breaking stories in the modeling industry in West Africa Featuring Aisha Napari and Jason Akoto as Cover Stars for the Issue

Looking ahead, there is plenty to be excited for. Yes! Models are celebrities and deserve some celebration for their conscious effort for bringing new trends into existence on the runway and in the spreads.

This issue is dedicated to all hardworking and successful models striving in the toughest industry and to the team that works immensely putting this issue together. Thank you for being loyal to us.

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