FHV to commercialise Gurkha Protec Mosquito Repellent on local market  

Frontedge Healthcare Ventures (FHV) in partnership with Golden Blue has been appointed by ACP Solutions Limited, UK, manufacturers of Gurkha Protec, to commercialize Gurkha Protec Mosquito Repellent range of products on the Ghanaian market.

The aim of this initiative is to endorse the World Health Organisation (WHO) message that protection against malaria, rather than treatment of the disease, is the key to reducing the impact of malaria in the region.

Gurkha Protec Active Mosquito Repellent spray is a powerful insect repellent, providing protection for 6-8 hours. It is a quick drying, non-greasy, alcohol based formulation with added Aloe Vera to soothe and Vitamin E to nourish the skin.

Chief Executive Officer, Frontedge Healthcare Ventures, Dr Sam Owiredu-Yeboa, said malaria prevention is critical and as such, keeping good environment and avoiding the breed of mosquitoes was key.

“… In an unlikely event where mosquitoes breed, then another stage would be trying to avoid being beaten by the mosquitoes and this is where a number of interventions such as use of insecticide treated nets and use of repellents like what we are introducing now become very significant,” he said.

He further noted that the WHO recommends repellents containing the active ingredient IR3535 which is contained in Protec Active Mosquito Repellent Spray.

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This mosquito repellent will be the only product in Ghana that contains this safe and effective ingredient and Frontedge Healthcare and Golden Blue are delighted with the opportunity to be able to offer Gurkha Protec Active Mosquito Repellent spray in Ghana.

The latest figures show there are 194 million cases of Malaria in Africa and 407,000 deaths.

Malaria in West Africa, including Ghana is endemic and a very serious problem in the local population, being the principal cause of death in children. Pregnant women are particularly at risk if they become infected with the Malaria parasite.

The WHO estimates that between 20-50% of all hospital admissions in the region are for Malaria, so there is a high cost to the health budgets and economies in the region.

Gurkha Protec Active Mosquito Repellent spray is available in a 100ml pump spray from your community pharmacy, licensed chemical shops, supermarkets, and mini stores. The range will be extended shortly to include a lotion based spray, an oil based spray and an aerosol.

Gurkha Protec Active Mosquito Repellent spray, has been approved by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana. The product has also been approved by regulators in Nigeria, UK, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus and Barbados.

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