‘Fashion goddess’ sets new trends

Fashion is the perfect way to show unique traits to the world. People with a good style pay attention to the color, cut, and the fabric of their clothes. The options are endless! Experiment to find out what clothes flatter your figure, and express your unique personality. After all, great style is style that is truly yours!

Ghana is yet to experience the latest fashionista Franklina Ikenne Essel, popularly known as “The King_Goddess”. She is a fashion icon, entrepreneur and a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. The 22-year old who is the most talked about and sensational fashion goddess on campus, has for years kept herself on the low, but her fashion sense is one of the most viewed and liked on Instagram, and other social media platforms.

She is a goddess who loves herself and hates to be called a slay queen. “Calling me a slay queen is an understatement. I am a Fashion Goddess” she exclaimed. Her fashion style cuts across all the beautiful and latest fashion trends in the world including her choice for lingerie.

She added that, ladies do not need to flip through fashion magazines to become inspired. “You can find styles everywhere you look. Re-watch your favorite movie and notice what types of clothes characters are wearing. There must be someone in your life whose style inspires you. Reach out to that person for advice.

The Fashion Goddess revealed that she is stepping out not just with controversies but as a fashion icon to mentor, and educate young girls especially, those in tertiary institutions to appreciate, be themselves, and learn to look good.

She naturally has an angelic skin without blemish. She loves to apply all the natural therapies one can think of. She loves her make-up, her nails, always well kept. She has an undying love for perfumes, shoes, and sneakers with anklets to match.

“I carefully choose my fashion lines. Basically I select from some of the world’s popular designers such Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Burberry, Prada, Michael Kors, HUGO BOSS etc.

I seek to go international when I step into the limelight. She said. She has no facebook life but on Instagram and snapchat  she goes by the handle  ikenne _ celeb.

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