Exclusive tasting experience of LOUIS XIII …The world’s most exquisite Cognac

Last week, Jorg Pfutzner, the private client Director for LOUIS XIII of the House of Remy Martin toured select West African cities including Accra, Abuja and Lagos for a series of exclusive tasting experiences with LOUIS XIII, the world’s most exquisite cognac.

The Accra session was hosted on the 19th of July at the Alliance Motors Ghana Showroom and attended by an intimate group of cognac and luxury enthusiasts including Bola Ray, CEO of both the EIB Network and Empire Entertainment, Ramchand Udharam Mohinani, Chairman of the Mohinani Group, Elton Afari of Cosmopolitan insurance, Alican Sunal of Kempinski Accra, and Prakash Basarmalani, Managing Director of Ezone Electronics.

Exclusively sourced from the Grande Champagne Cru of Cognac, LOUIS XIII is an exquisite blend of up to 1,200 grapes eaux-de-vie (water of life). Each eaux-de-vie is matured slowly inside of an oak cask for up to 100 years. Since 1874, each generation of cellar master has selected the oldest and best eaux-de- vie for LOUIS XIII from the houses cellar.

As the cellar master may never taste the final blend for which some of these eaux-de- vie are intended, each cellar master must also carefully train a successor.

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Each decanter is handmade by French crystal manufacturers. One of the beautiful things about the decanter is the 24-carat gold which is bended around the neck. The individually numbered decanters are designed after an original 16th century metal flask, discovered on the site of the battle of Jarnac in France and are made from fine Baccarat crystal, mouth blown by some of the most skilled master craftsmen.

“LOUIS XIII is regarded as the most luxurious spirit on the planet with an intricate alchemy which takes four generations of cellar masters 100 years to craft every decanter making it known as a century in a bottle” shares Pfutzner.

A video was premiered featuring the partnership between LOUIS XIII and producer, Pharrell Williams for the “100 Years”. This is a song produced by Williams an it is set to be released in 2117, a 100 year for the time it was created. The song is an original creative composition, an expression of the delicate relationship between nature, time, the impact of humans on the environment and a reflection of the 100-year maturation process of LOUIS XIII.

“The legend of LOUIS XIII has been traced by exceptional individuals, extraordinary places and the hand of history itself. I was thrilled to share my passion for LOUIS XIII for the first time in Ghana,” adds Pfutzner who has guests sign a memory book which features written thoughts by clients throughout Africa sharing their LOUIS XIII experience. The book will ultimately be stored at the House of Remy Martin in Cognac, France for future generations to discover.

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For over a century, LOUIS XIII has been synonymous with refinement the world over. It has been a witness to many of the most significant events of our age: it was exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900 and soon established itself as a symbol of French taste and sophistication. The brands proud legacy endures today as LOUIS XIII continues to transcend time.

Pick up a bottle of LOUIS XIII and you will find a gentle cedar-filled nose with hints of tobacco smoke, followed by strawberry, bilberry fruit that is soft, smudged, crushed underfoot. On the palate, all is beautifully smoothed out. To find it even more clearly, an intake of breath once the wine has left your mouth, is a gentle blast of freshness, another piece of the puzzle as to why a good aged LOUIS XIII can be just mouthwatering satisfying.

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