Build your child’s career capital with Ready Study

Ready Study, a unique learning programme designed for children aged 8-17, takes place in Accra from 7-31 August.

The Ready Study programme helps children discover fun ways of learning so they can push themselves further by focusing on study skills, personal development strategies and well-being techniques.  Children will participate in a wide range of academic and non-academic activities including study skills, reasoning skills, critical thinking, personal development and well-being techniques.

These help bridge the educational deficit between the facts and figures taught in class, and independent critical thinking skills which children need to develop to compete in the global knowledge-based economy.

Charlene, aged 14 and a past participant of Ready Study said: “Ready Study has helped me improve my confidence level and improved my grades.  My parents and teachers noticed I was putting in a lot more effort.  It has really helped me”.

Ready Study is the first programme of its kind in Ghana, and is a must for all parents looking to build the career capital of their children from an early age.  The programme will be delivered by a mix of international and local teachers, with class sizes controlled to ensure children receive quality support.  Ready Study is a product of Redwood Universal Limited, whose aim is to inspire children to discover their destiny and fulfil God’s call upon their lives.  For more information and to register, visit:

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