An Ode to Emmanuella Akosua Kumi

Twenty-three years ago
this world became a better place
because you came into it
brightening it with the hope of a new dawn
And giving someone like me
The belief that life can be beautiful
You radiate a natural warmth
That is perfectly in tune with my heartbeat
And yes; so much has been said
About how true love should happen
But your love is special
Because you are special
And our love need not conform
To normative beliefs
Our love can happen in our own way
Your birthday means so much to me
Because some twenty-three years ago
God gave me the perfect gift
The gift of your love
And the gift of your life
I wanted to send you rose-scented flowers
A fragrance of the true love I have for you Akos
But the lilting waves of my heartbeat
Sends you a special song
That I love you Akos
A song that will play forever and ever and ever…
Kwabena Meneabe Nkrumah, 21st December 2018 , 12:08 EST
For Emmanuella Akosua Kumi who turns 23 on 24th December 2018.

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