Amaarae: a refreshing Afro Fusion voice


When you have giants such as Billie Holiday and Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers serving as the blueprint for your career in music, then you are not just destined for success but longevity and reverence.

Amaarae, the latest voice in the growing genre, Afro Fusion, is destined for the top. Afro fusion blends contemporary music infused with traditional rhythms of Africa to create a style of music that is pleasing to the ear and Amaarae is one of such pioneers in this space in Ghana.

Born in New York and raised between Atlanta and Accra, the 23-year-old Ghanaian is arguably the potential game changer set to rejuvenate the Ghanaian music on the international market, the aim of everyone.

Known in private life as Ama Serwah Genfi, the petite, soulful singer, songwriter and producer is an English and Poetry graduate from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta.

Having had a diverse musical influences growing up in Ghana and the US, Amaarae has found her rhythm with which she soothes the soul. She describes herself and her sound as “an eclectic blend of bold, yet sexy lyricism and longing vulnerable melodies.”

Her small but alluring vocals are what make the young artist a delight to listen to.  Listening to her, one cannot help but fall prey to the fierce expression of lust, pain, and love in Amaarae’s music.

Selected as Apple Music Africa’s ‘Favorite New Artist’ of the month for April 2018, the polarizing combination of uninhibited wordplay and Amaarae’s small yet alluring vocals are what makes this young woman so stark yet refreshing to listen to.

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At 5 foot 3 inches, Amaarae is petite in stature, yet when we are confronted with her undeniable star presence, the singer’s tomboy cool, glossy colored hair and quiet composure shine through; an artist that truly embodies the aura of a walking oxymoron.

She does look nothing like she sounds thus making for an enriching overall experience with a young woman who’s knack for cheeky yet well placed words alongside cooing melodies displays her knowledge of a world far beyond her age.

With Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks also as one of the inspirations for her sound, however her skill as an artist is not bound to the sensual voice that cascades throughout her debut EP Passionfruit Summers.

“My talents as a human being far exceeds my ability to sing sexy songs,” she explains adding that as more than a singer and a songwriter, “I make music because I want to master the power of emotions so that I can be able to sway a listener from joy to melancholy and right back to joy – and that is no easy feat.

It requires time learning about the dynamics of sound. That is what holds the most weight when I am creating a song– understanding the dynamics of instruments and sounds and how they work to facilitate emotions,” she adds.

Passionfruit Summers EP

On her debut EP, Passionfruit Summers, Amaarae parts ways with the fear of lost love and demonstrates an undeniable lust for sonic freedom.

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The Warrior Princess shines through her first album Passionfruit Summers which she released on all major online music platforms late last year.  Amaarae’s soft, alluring vocals evoke a haunting sense of love lost and heartbreak on the album, which features six songs.

Through hypnotic harmonies, ice cool synths and syrupy guitars that playfully submerge the listener and narrator alike, Passionfruit Summers finds the songstress wandering in a world elevated by flirtatious melodies that carry quiet reflections.

Amaarae saunters coolly through the corridors of heartbreak and compromise in relationships. She approaches her subject matter with an attitude that is mature in its lyrical content yet vulnerable in all other ways.

A worthy listen and hauntingly emotional, Passionfruit Summers grabs the listener softly and refuses to let go. Passionfruit Summers is out now on all major media streaming platforms and can be purchased via iTunes.

….at Ghana meets Naija

Amaarae joined Stonebwoy onstage to perform their hit song Pepper Dem at last Saturday’s Ghana Meets Naija show. The petite R&B songstress put up an energetic performance of her verse on ‘Pepper Dem’ which left the crowd roaring for an encore.

Saturday’s performance at Ghana meets Naija, albeit brief, showcased Amaarae’s star potential and her ability to hold a crowd’s attention.

She also dropped ‘Fluid’, the first video from the album last Thursday June 7th.  Described as a masterpiece of simple, stark artistry and creativity, the video introduces the artist visually for the first time to a broader audience.

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