Ageing with grace …Foundation to assist elderly

The growing elderly population poses an increasing burden of disease and costs to individuals, families, communities, health systems and the government. There is therefore an urgent need to assess the ageing situation in Ghana, and outline policy recommendations and intervention options for the future.

Even though old age is supposed to be a period of life for one to look back at, trace their footprints, and smile for having lived a fulfilled life; this turns out to be a period of failing health, misery, and financial difficulties for most old folk in our rural communities.

Therefore, a foundation to seek the welfare of the aged in the community has been set up in Ghana to help address the financial difficulties faced by the old folk in communities.

Rev Adu Mensah, in support of the policy to help the aged has set up the aged welfare foundation at Kwahu in the eastern region to provide financial support for the rural folks.


Speaking at the launch of the foundation at Ahwerase, Mrs. Beatrice Benson Adjei, the chairperson of the foundation, donated GH 1,000 to the foundation and promised to ‘’support the foundation anytime she is called upon for help’’. Members of the community who are above the age 0f 60 years are eligible to apply for this support from the foundation and over 60 people from the community have applied.

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The aged welfare foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2016 with the aim of improving the welfare and quality of life of the elderly in the community by providing financial support and encouragement.

In recent past older persons were accorded a high-ranking place in the traditional Ghanaian society, but in the process of social change resulting from urbanization, migration and other global issues have been affected in several ways. These social transformations as well as poor infrastructure development in the rural areas have affected the patterns of social interactions and relationships in families and communities and consequently how they relate to older persons.

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