A Letter to models during fashion weeks: PR Yourself

Models play a very significant role during fashion weeks and at fashion shows. Next to designers, the second most important thing we often see after admiring and analyzing cloths and accessories are models. We spend the rest of the time looking at how the models express themselves in the cloths they are wearing, their facial expression, whether they are comfortable in the outfit or not and finally how they are able to walk and finish the runway and make it backstage.

It is important however for models to make the most out of these shows bearing in mind that there are several other industry players sitting in there and their next editorial opportunity could be coming from them. During these fashion shows, they are editors, producers, photographers, stylists, designers amongst others present who may have special interests in looking for models for their next editorial or campaign shoots.

So why is it important for models to PR themselves.? PR which means Public Relations is the art and science of building relationships between and organization and its key audiences. In this instance, you the model must see yourself as an organization, as a brand if you want to grow and become known and recognized for what you do.

Build Relationships

In PR, relationship is key. Relationships help you get opportunities you ordinarily won’t get. Aside spending most of your time backstage working and meeting other models, makeup artists, hair stylists, show producers etc build and network with others such other industry players. Don’t forget, this is the best place you will find all these people under one event.  I understand how crazy it gets back stage for everyone from fitting to running for the main shows. However, spend some time to check out the designers who you will be wearing their pieces. Off the runway, take the opportunity to also interact with others and build relationships that will become useful to you after the fashion weeks are over.

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Your Image is as Important as the Designer you are wearing

It is not enough to be wearing the best designers and strutting the runway in them. As a model, I have always said that, aside having a great skin and clean hair, it is also very important to invest in the right kind of shoes. Why? Because at several instances, fashion show organizers and designers will take care of providing you with makeup, hair, dress and accessories needed to complete your look for the runway so you don’t have to worry too much about those things. However, many models typically Ghanaian models do not invest in the great pair of shoes. Shoes have the potential to make or break you during your catwalk so its very important for models to invest in getting a few pairs that are comfortable. Yes, even the well-known super models like Naomi Cambell, Candice Swanepoel, Bella Hadid and several other models have taken a fall down the runway but spending time to rehearse in the shoes and on the runway prior to the start of the event could reduce the possibility. Your entire look on the runway is important and that includes your shoes.

Communication is Key

As a model, you need to improve on how you communicate with your audiences. Since you mostly use your body as a form of communication, you need to be mindful of how you communicate with your body. With many industry players sitting up a room, they are not just looking at what you are wearing but your entire attitude and communicating the right attitude could be a plus in securing your next editorial shoot. In instances where you are not comfortable with some requests being made during the fashion shows, address them in the best possible way so as not to send negative signals to others.

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Use Social Media Effectively

In this digital era, a lot of opportunities for models do come from social media. If you still don’t have great and high-resolution images on your social media pages, spend time this season and get some great photos from the runway and share them on your professional pages on social media. Also use social media as an opportunity to check out the designers you will be walking for so you know them better and appreciate the kinds of things they look out just so you are able to deliver on the runway. Use social media as a great tool to promote your works even after the fashion weeks are over.

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