Unique Insurance set to revolutionise insurance service delivery

Licenced in October 1999, Unique Insurance prepares to enter its 20th year of insurance service delivery with a full load of industry firsts. The company launched the first online travel insurance product in the market and opened the door for other companies to follow.

Its online product ensures that policyholders’ details are shared with their international service providers in real-time, so that benefits can be accessed immediately overseas if insured events occur. Competitor products require that a traveller returns to Ghana to make a claim – often too late. More exciting is the fact that travellers can purchase their Unique Travel Policy from any Travel Agency across the country.

Beginning 1st October 2018, the company is rolling out two new tone-setting services.

First, all Comprehensive Motor Insurance policyholders will enjoy free breakdown towing irrespective of where their vehicle might break down across the country. Unique Insurance has signed a contract with a nationwide towing service provider with the capacity to respond within 2 hours of a towing service call. A policyholder simply needs to call the 24/7 assistance lines, indicate the location of the vehicle and help is on the way!

Second is the claims express service, which allows the processing and settlement of minor claims within the same day. By the carefully structured process, ‘same-day’ is intentioned to mean an average of 2 hours per claim.  This expedited claim-handling service comes to save policyholders the time and stress of moving up and down to offices of an insurance company in pursuit of a minor claim.  Claims is the showroom of an insurance company, and Unique Insurance appears ready to delight the Ghanaian insuring public.

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The Ghanaian insurance market has seen the entry of several players, local and international, in the last few years. The growing number of insurers has increased competition, with a focus largely on low premiums. Unique Insurance Company Limited, an indigenous Ghanaian insurer that has shown resilience over the last 19 years, is poised to be a market-leader with innovation and sterling service delivery as primary competitive tools. So far, they have demonstrated that they are able to walk the talk and stand tall in the face of the growing competition.

Management of the company is confident about the company’s growth potential, and the team of motivated professionals in their 9 branches across the country are all excited about the direction their company is going. The future of Unique Insurance can only be bright.

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