Target these people online and succeed!……Pt. 2

By understanding the purchasing behaviours of visitors to their eCommerce sites, e-retailers can adapt customer experiences that are precisely defined for targetted groups.

As noted in the previous article, online business is more than just having a website. Indeed, there is the need to among other things deliberately attract potential customers to the site. There should also be strategies that ensure customers who visit websites get the best online experience.

Experts agree that the best way to meet the online needs of potential customers is to fully understand their shopping behaviour. It is important to note that people who come online do not all have the same level of understanding or appreciation of your offering. The same is true for telecoms; we all use our credits differently. Telecoms know this, and so are continuously rolling out various products and promotions to better serve everyone as much as possible.

A good knowledge of these online behaviours of potential site visitors can be crucial for that critical purchasing decision needed for conversion. Let us continue with the list of the online buyer’s characteristics characteristics.

  1. The loyal shopper

So, he not only wants to shop but wants to be rewarded for doing so. Better still, he would like to be recognised for it. For example, Airtel Ghana had a loyalty Reward Programme that allowed customers to accumulate reward points which they could use to redeem items at selected stores.

Trait: He is constantly counting his reward-points, and in the bid to accumulate more he is driven to make more complete purchases.

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Expert advice: Constantly remind him of how many points he’s got and how many more he needs to get a particular reward. Occasionally, you can also offer higher points for overstocks and items ready for clearance.

  1. The free-shipping chaser

As we discussed a couple of weeks ago about offering potential visitors the lure of free delivery, some people only buy when it will cost them nothing to have their products delivered. After all, she can pass through the corner store to get what she wants.

Trait: For the free-shipping shopper – No free-delivery? No shopping!

Expert advice: Please do well to offer this shopper what he wants: Free-shipping.

  1. The orderly shopper

I have seen a professor sitting behind a PC in his office between lectures to make purchase online. Knowing exactly what he wants, he quickly opened the page to this item and made his order and soon was out off to the next lecture. For him price was not an issue, and all other marketing messages will rather irritate him.

Trait: Shoppers like the professor don’t welcome distractive marketing messages or mouth-watering offers.

 Expert advice: What is best for this kind? You have to make it easy for him to get to his page. If there is going to be any message at all, it should be tailored to assist him get through your pages easily.

  1. The intolerant shopper

Have you ever observed shoppers asking shop-owners for a product in a very harsh manner? I definitely have. And they walk away briskly as if being angered with the fact that the shop doesn’t have what they wanted. This happens online too, you know?

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Trait: These are people who for whatever reason are under some sort of pressure, be it work or academic assignments, and need straight-forward solutions.

Expert advice: Kindly make the navigation through your pages easy and fasten your check-out processes, avoiding all those long terms of conditions which people don’t read anyway. You can also make your offers as obvious as possible.

  1. The wish-list shopper

How many times haven’t you yourself added items and dropped them later when you realise they cost more than you initially thought. During online shopping, people keep adding and dropping items from the basket just to try and see if they can afford the total.

Trait: In a traditional store, an attendant would quickly approach and help you in selecting items that you can actually afford. The attendant would suggest cheaper alternatives for you. Similar help can also be offered online.

Expert advice: Offer them deals that help them to mix and match items appropriately to a sum they can afford. This you can do even as they shop in real-time.

As e-retailers approach marketing from a more customer-focused point of view rather than product-focus, customers will get specific incentives that will drive them to complete check-out process – hence creating a rise in the number of actual sales.




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