IMPM: Building discerning, impactful managers for the modern business era

There are quite a significant number of MBA programmes across the world today that are based on various design concepts and ideologies, but how do such programmes equip and transform graduates to facilitate the needed growth in their respective organisations, especially for those in emerging economies?

This is what the International Masters Programme for Managers (IMPM) offers differently; a unique model that fits into diverse economic contexts and business scenarios, one that is premised on transforming accomplished managers into insightful, worldly and impactful senior executives.

The IMPM appreciates the importance of learning from one’s own experience, using real-world business problems to help senior executives achieve the pinnacle of success based on a five-pronged module run by five partner universities.

Each IMPM module focuses on a managerial mindset: Managing Self: the Reflective Mindset at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom; Managing Organisations: the Analytic Mindset at McGill University, Canada; Managing Relationships: the Collaborative Mindset at Yokohama University in Japan; Managing Change: the Action Mindset at FGV-EBAPE in Rio, Brazil; and Managing Context: the Worldly Mindset at IIM Bangalore, India.

IMPM is about training people to do a better job, not just getting a better job, says Dr. Martin Brigham, IMPM’s Worldwide Academic Director, who is currently in the country to create more awareness about the programme and to share insights on modern trends in corporate leadership and management.

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“To be a senior executive has changed a lot over the last two decades: Previously, as a manager you had to search for information to solve a situation. Now, there are facts everywhere so its all about the ability of the manager to make sense of these facts.

What is important now is cultivating the ability to make judgements and to navigate through the challenges of the business,” Dr. Brigham told the B&FT in an interview.

For an emerging economy like Ghana, he says, this model of learning could be very beneficial to participants because it will build their confidence level as senior managers based on shared experiences and the interactive nature of the programme.

“Learning from experience is at the heart of the programme; so for senior executives from an emerging economy like Ghana, they get to leverage the global nature of the course, the great diversity of participants by sectors and corporates as well as over 650 alumni network to connect with across the globe.”

He added: “We see management as a craft and not a science; and leadership as a function of management. We think intelligent organizational impact should be the focus of every managerial development to make managers more engaged with their organisations.”

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Dr. Brigham said the IMPM is unique from other models with its wide range of management development innovations such as mini modules or close learning avenues that allows participants to their experiences.

Participants of the program, over the past two decades, have come from leading global corporates in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa including Lufthansa, LG, Fujitsu, Brazilian Development Bank—as a public sector institution—not for profits such as the Red Cross and Anglican Church, who send bishops to learn senior management.

Collectively, they share in the wealth of experience they bring, the 75+ academic faculty at the five schools/partners who teach on the IMPM, the authentic mindsets as well as a 50-50 co-creation pedagogy—that allows participants to be an integral part of discussions and presentations.

For more than 20 years, the programme has been reinvigorating organisations by transforming the development of their senior executives.

The IMPM promotes leadership that is embedded in the practice of management. Founded by Henry Mintzberg and his colleagues internationally, the IMPM brings together experienced managers and entrepreneurs from around the world to reflect on their experience and learn from each other’s insights.

Over 16 months, the managers attend five modules of 10 days each, delivered by leading business schools in England, Canada, India, Japan, and Brazil.


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