New product to deal with potholes is an answered prayer

One reason why the country’s roads are in a deplorable condition is their tendency to ‘wear and tear’ easily, and any slight change in weather conditions – like the onslaught of rains – exposes the bad condition of our roads.

This makes driving an extremely arduous affair, and it is one of the main causes of accidents as well as damaged vehicles in our part of the world. Thankfully, a new innovation has come to the rescue – and it is hoped that it will solve the perennial recurring potholes which makes driving quite an unpleasant experience in many parts of the country.

Though new in Ghana, the product has been used successfully in 27 countries including India. Originally developed for diamond and gold mines in South Africa, since big trucks found it hard to ply roads to the mines, the product was developed to ease the burden and has been extended for use on all roads.

Our excitement is two-fold. Firstly, it will solve the perennial pothole saga anytime the rainy season descends on us; and secondly, it will also help in creating jobs for the teeming jobless youth who desperately need a livelihood.

The Ghana highways Division is currently monitoring the product to test its efficacy before it is deployed in the construction of trunk roads as well as busy inter-city routes. The product is economical when you consider the fact that the cover-price of the product is comparatively very cheap, as well as the fact that roads constructed with the product have a longer lifespan. This means the Roads and Highways Division will be able to cut down on its expenses and work within its budgetary allocation, to the good of larger society.

This could be the panacea to the country’s terrible road network that sees so many vehicular accidents because of its poor state, particularly with regard to the development of potholes – and even craters in many instances.

People’s vehicles can now last longer, and they will derive the full extent of their money’s worth in acquiring them. Secondly, it will enhance commerce because foodstuffs can travel distances without the fear of damage – as in the case of tomatoes, which has caused market women to travel all the way to Burkina Faso for the stronger variety.

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