Lessons from Israel

The General Secretary of the Ghana-Israel Business Chamber, Mr. Edem Yevutsey, filed a story to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and gave 70 ways the tiny state has impacted the world in spite of the hostile physical environment encompassing that country.

With a population of only 9 million people, this technology savvy nation has impacted the world in amazing ways and serves to inspire others that ‘the sky is the limit’ when it comes to development. So as not to spoil the reading you must embark on, we will list just a few of the notable innovations that Israel has bequeathed the world.

The USB Flash drive, which is also referred to as a pen drive, and today is the preferred storage device for transferring/storing large amounts of information was invented by an Israeli company called M-Systems that became market leader of the product.

We are all aware that in agriculture the tiny, half-desert nation has employed great innovations to make the country a major force by inventing drip-irrigation which delivers water directly to the roots of plants and saves as much as 90% of water used in irrigation when compared to flood irrigation.

Office printers by Israeli company Indigo (now HP Indigo after being purchased by HP) made it possible for offices around the globe to have printers that churn high quality digital prints. Another is the Uzi submachine gun which is sold across 90 nations around the world, with sales reaching two billion dollars in 2001.

In fact, the list goes on and on – but the simple lesson is that size is not a disadvantage provided you have a determined people. However, the simple fact is that they invested in technology and are reaping the rewards.

Ghana can equally become the Israel of Africa if only we invest seriously in critical areas like science, mathematics, technology and innovation. Technical and vocational education must be elevated to a place of prominence in our national life so that it impacts the nation for the better.

Additionally, the situation wherein our best brains are poached by more developed nations must be controlled in a manner whereby the nation can also tap into their expertise.

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