Discover our e-banking suite…Pt.2 

(Spotlight: Access Bank and Barclays Bank)

Banks that want to be successful in the electronic era should no longer see themselves as gatekeepers but as gateways offering a variety of products via multiple channels.  


Access bank’s e-banking suite

Access bank’s e-banking suite has been named ‘E-channels’ on its website. This has been further categorised into the following: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Cards, Automated Teller Machines, etc.

Dubbed ‘Access Mobile App’, a customer of the bank can carry out simple transactions using the phone. These simple transactions include: Balance enquiry, Bill payments, Airtime top-up, Funds Transfer, Cheque book request, customer service enquiries etc. One can also use the Access Mobile App to locate bank branches and ATMs.  To download, visit the Google Play Store, The App Store or The Blackberry World App Store.

Access bank customers need not worry about having data to be able to enjoy the bank’s mobile banking service.  The bank has provided one short code to access its mobile banking services.  By simply dialing *901# from any phone, a customer can access the Mobile App features.

The next sub-category you can try your hand on today is the banks Internet banking services. The bank promises to provide 24/7 customer support while you use their online portal. You can carry out the basic bank transactions in a secure environment with Internet access.

The bank also offers various bank cards a customer can use for various transactions. These include the Access Card, which is Visa Debit Card that can be used on all Visa-labelled ATMs and PoSs. It is also suitable for online payments.

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Other Debit card offerings by the bank are the Accesslink Card (Classic) and the Accesslink Card (Gold). Both can be used on GH-link labeled ATMs and PoS.

The Accesslink Card is however only offered to High Network Individuals, and they enjoy special discounts when they use it at selected leisure and hospitality centres. Also on offer are the Access Bank Visa Prepaid and the Visa credit card.

A customer of the bank is given real-time SMS and Email alerts as soon as a transaction occurs on his or her account. This is very helpful in monitoring transactions.

An access bank customer can do actual cash withdrawals from their mobile money wallet via an Access bank ATM. The bank calls this service Cardless withdrawal. No need for an ATM card and Mobile Money Agent. The ATM serves as your Agent and dispenses the cash you need.

Companies which have to deal with large volumes of cheques can talk to the bank for their Easy Cheque Manager services. You can do all cheque clearing directly from the comfort of your office. 


Barclays Bank’ e-banking suite

The Barclays E-banking promise can be summarised as this: ‘Get the complete digital banking experience’. Their platform, as stated on their website, can help you do the following: pay bills, manage your accounts, buy airtime, etc.

The bank has one shortcode that gives you access to their digital banking offerings. By simply dialling *895# from a feature or smartphone, you can do banking from your phone. This service is called Hello Money *895#.

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Barclays also has a mobile Banking App. This has the necessary features for your convenient banking from your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to the Appstore or Playstore to download the App.

Customers of the bank can also sign-up for the banks Internet banking service. To sign up, simply visit a branch near you to complete a form and start the secure internet to manage your account.

Barclays Bank’s ATM is one of the most advanced types in the country. You can do more than just cash withdrawals from the ATM. Their Amazing CashSend Service allows customers to transfer money instantly from the bank’s ATM for a recipient to withdraw from another of their ATMs.  Interestingly, the recipient does need to be an account holder of the bank. Also, he/she does not need a bank card – simply entering the PIN you will send him/her will do the trick.

Do you know you can make cash deposits at a Barclays ATM? Right there at the ATM, select the ‘Cash Deposit’ and follow the on-screen prompts. After depositing the cash, you can access it within just 5 minutes.

Using the bank’s Pingit service, a customer can initiate transfer of money between Barclays customers in the UK and Ghana. This can be done via the Hello Money platform……….to be continued.



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