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(Spotlight: Zenith and Fidelity Banks)


Central to the digital economic growth our nation seeks, is the efficient electronic exchange of information. Research has indicated that companies can use it to streamline transactional relationships with clients and suppliers.

Experts agree  that with the emergence of electronic business,  early companies that have embraced it have used it as a means of reaching a wider target group, improved customer service, reduced cost of operation and of course for efficient productivity.

Our banks here in Ghana have of course seen the light as described above in many other countries and are looking to properly position to take full advantage of the emerging phenomenon.  Managing projects in the banking sector, I have seen many executives expressed their desire to take advantage of the opportunities that electronic business and lifestyle bring.


From Traditional to Digital

The typical Ghanaian banks’ e-business suite is made up of:  A website to inform customers about their traditional banking products. They also offer bank cards which are largely used at ATMs at premises of the banking halls.


General Benefits if E-banking

The appeal of having a 24/7 access to your money and transaction information is certainly a big benefit to every bank customer.

Having a bank card in hand today, a customer can make withdrawals anytime, check account balances and even make transfers. It is also more secured to have electronic access to your money than carrying huge sums around.

This series of articles will focus on the range of e-banking products the various banks in Ghana are offering. References will be made from their web front. The aim is to walk you through the various e-banking products out there you can take advantage of:

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Zenith Bank’s E-banking Suite

A quick look at the bank’s website reveals the internet banking tagline: ‘Banking anywhere and at any time you want’.

Their Internet Banking Promise include; having real-time access to your account , ability to print your account activity report ,carry out intra and inter accounts transfers and paying bills.

The bank also has various card products you can choose per your need:

There is the Zenith Visa Debit Card which can be used on any Visa enabled ATM or POs.  The debit card as usual is linked to your account and so all deductions are directly made from your own funds. Another debit card that one can obtain from bank is the Zenith Visa Platinum Debit Card. A customer having the latter has an added advantage over the normal debit card, because he or she is given a higher withdrawal and purchasing limit.

The bank also offers a credit card called Zenith Visa Classic Credit Card. With this a customer is given a credit within which he/she can spend and repay later.

There are Visa and Master Prepaid cards also on offer. All you need to do is to load your card in any of the bank’s branches and ready to go. It is very important to note that, you don’t need to be an account holder with the bank to be able to obtain this.

Others are the Zenith EasyPay Card, which is a cash card you can only use on the bank’s own ATMs and the Zenith e-Zwich Smart Card.

Customers of Zenith bank can also do various banking transactions on their mobile phone. The bank’s mobile banking App named Zmobile allows customers to do instant transfers, pay bills, do mobile top-ups, check account statements, etc.  You can download the Zmobile App from the App store or Google Play store.

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Fidelity Bank’s E-banking Suite

Under the Financial Inclusion header, the bank has a range of e-banking solutions for its target market.  A website reference of the bank’s e-banking suite can summarily be put into three main solutions: Mobile Money, Bill Payment & Solutions and the Fidelity Mobile App.

Under the Mobile Money caption, the bank offers MTN and Airtel Money platform services. Customers via this platforms can make bill payment, transfer money both locally and internationally, make online payments and also top-up airtime.

In addition to the above mobile money solutions, customers can also make school fees and insurance premium payments.

The fidelity mobile App can be used with or without data. Among the things you can use your app for include; booking appointment with the bank, locate nearby ATMs and branches and transfer money from your bank account into any of the mobile money wallets in the country. The app can be downloaded from App Store and the Google Play store.

Another striking service under the financial inclusion category is smart agent network activity. With a customized phone, a smart agent can assist in opening a Smart account for you even outside of the banking hall. You can equally be assisted to carryout banking transactions at a grocery store or pharmacy near you by a trained Smart Agent. One can also get variety of bank cards the bank offers…………to be continued.





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