Vehicular safety and security

The main purpose of a vehicle is to transport people and goods from one place to another safely. Great attention is given to the safety of the goods and people especially. Human lives are very important and need to be preserved as much as possible.

Despite this, the safety and security of the mechanical device (vehicle) itself also needs to be given greater consideration to help save the lives of humans.

Even with advanced technology, our roads are not as safe as they should be; and as society changes, the crime rate increases. Therefore, efforts must be made to ensure the safety and security of vehicles, too. The following are a few such measures:

Car alarms

Alarm systems have been around for some time. Generally, they make a sound to alert the vehicle owner that a burglar has attempted to enter the vehicle. They are mostly fitted by third parties, while some come from the manufacturer. They are not really expensive and are very useful.

Proper lighting

Light basically helps a person or object to be visible. It is most useful at night and when the weather changes during the day. Vehicles are basically fitted with headlights, brake lights, rear lights and fog lights. As a vehicle owner, you should not compromise on the lighting of your vehicle – not even the number-plate lights. On the highway they make the vehicles, especially saloon cars, visible to heavy-duty trucks and other road users. Buses and other heavy-duty vehicles also have lights around their bodies to make them visible at night. This helps to reduce the accident rate on our streetlight-less roads in Ghana, and everywhere else on this earth.

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Reflectors and Strobe Lights

It is very common in the mining and construction sectors to find strobe lights. They are mostly fitted on top of vehicles, with pick-ups and trucks being commonest. They signal surrounding vehicles of their presence because most of these trucks convey heavy loads. Reflectors also help with the vehicle’s visibility – whether saloon, SUV or truck – to be seen in the dark with any source of the light.

Tracking device

Tracking devices are fitted on vehicles to determine the location. Fleet owners and transport companies use them more often to check proper usage of their vehicles for better efficiency. Individual car owners, too, can fix them to track their vehicles in case of theft. This is very useful, and I encourage every fleet or vehicle owner to get one.

Push bumper

Push bumpers, also known as bull bars, are installed on the front of the vehicles to protect its front during a collision with another vehicle. They prevent the impact from being transmitted to the vehicle and the passengers at large. They are mostly fitted on pickups, SUV’s and buses. It is advisable to get a manufacturer’s recommended one, since they are off-factory installations.

These are some recommendations for the safety and security of vehicles. Every vehicle owner should consider these to ensure the protection of life and property.

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