Freight and Trade Chamber supports CTN implementation

Tema port.

The Freight and Trade Chamber, a section of the freight forwarding fraternity, has asked government not to budge but go ahead with implementation of the Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN), a system aimed at blocking revenue leakages at the ports.

Chairman of the Chamber of Freight and Trade, Mr. Denis Amfo Sefa, said his outfit is in full support of the CTN system, as it comes with a lot of benefits to Ghanaian importers and freight forwarders.

“I am pleading with government not to budge but to implement the CTN system because it will contribute greatly to revenue mobilisation for the nation.”

Speaking in an interview with the B&FT, Mr. Amfo Sefa disclosed that when the CTN system is implemented it will reduce the stigmatisation freight forwarders face for supposedly presenting doctored and fake documents and invoices to Customs.

Apart from the CTN system assisting Customs and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to have pre-information about a container that comes into the country with the required procedures at the port of loading before a vessel leaves the port of loading, Customs is expected to maximise revenues and, most importantly, seal loopholes in the system.

Mr. Amfo noted that: “This will also absolve us, freight forwarders, of the tag and misconceptions which have been placed on us – that we tamper with invoices and doctor documents. I find it very strange that a section of the industry players would want to go against such a novelty,” he said.

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“Already, there is an issue out there that importers and freight forwarders don’t declare or give their original documents; we are always fighting Customs that it is never the case.

“Now, Customs says ‘if that is not the case, give it to me at the port of loading, so I will know exactly the content of the container and its value’. So, what are we fighting?”

He has described the sit-down strike by other freight forwarders as unfortunate, saying:

“It saddens my heart; if a Ghanaian has come out with a solution and is paid, why are people kicking against it?”

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