Forum held on aligning HR practice to contemporary business

Dr. Edward Kwapong addressing participants at the HR Forum

As part of efforts to advance human resource management practice in Ghana, a one-day forum was hosted in Accra by the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP) Ghana, for the Institute’s members-in-good-standing.

The Forum was under the theme ‘Aligning HR to the Attainment of Business Results’, and was attended by a host of HR Practitioners and Managers from 52 organisations.

Touching on the theme in his remarks at the forum’s opening, Dr. Edward Kwapong-President of IHRMP, underscored the fact that the only constant in life is change – and the frontiers of knowledge and discipline keep on changing, hence the need for professionals, and for that matter HR Practitioners, to pursue Continuous Professional Education.

The Facilitator, Mr. Isaac Sackey delivering on the theme of the event

Referencing his recent publication – ‘The Human Resource Glass Ceiling’ – in the dailies to buttress his point, Dr. Kwapong reiterated that the modern HR Practitioner must demonstrate a strong leadership role by understanding the business and aligning Human Resource practice to actualisation of the business’s vision.

The 2018 HR Forum – the second to be held following a similar one last year, Dr Kwapong added – was held in response to a popular request and in line with the continuous professional initiative of the Institute aimed at updating knowledge of HR Professionals in Ghana.

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Concluding his remark that participants must take full advantage of the Forum, Dr. Kwapong challenged HR Practitioners to transition from their traditional administrative roles to more of the strategic – to the attainment of business results.

Taking his turn, an Executive Member of the National Governing Council of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners and Facilitator of the HR Forum, Mr. Isaac Sackey urged HR Practitioners to move from what he described as ‘ivory tower’ roles to the business action-spots at the strategic level to be part of business.

In an attempt to lead participants to recognise the contemporary business expectations of HR Practitioners, Mr. Sackey in his presentation revealed five forces associated with what he termed today’s ‘Age of Disruption’ as follows:

  • Exponential technology change
  • Social and organisational reconfiguration
  • Truly connected world
  • Diverse yet inclusive talent market
  • Increased collaboration between man and machine

Mr. Sackey thus admonished HR Leaders to rethink their strategies by considering the trends. To that effect, he recommended a five-step process of aligning HR as follows:

  • Defining success
  • Aligning and setting HR goals
  • Formulating specific actions to hit the goals
  • Getting the buy-ins of everybody
  • Measuring and evaluating results and adjusting where necessary

The ensuing interactive discussion during the forum also brought to the fore contemporary workplace demands, including:

  • Millennials at the workplace and the role of HR Practitioners
  • The specific role of HR in Aligning HR Strategies to Business Strategies
  • The role of HR Practitioners in Mergers and Acquisitions
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Concluding, the Forum resolved a three-prong action to engage HR Practitioners as a matter of necessity going forward:

  • Understand the Business
  • Align to the Business, and
  • Be a Game Changer

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