Manklalo of Battor State woos investors

Torgbui Hevi VII, Manklalo of Battor Traditional Area in the North Tongu district of the Volta Region, has called on investors to visit the area and maximise the untapped natural endowment in tourism, aquaculture and agro-based potentials.

According to him the potential in the area is a huge, with fertile lands for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables such as green pepper, pineapple, banana, cucumber, rice and many other farm products.

He indicated the availability of the Volta River will also support any investor that may want to take up investments in agri-business, adding that: “You can do all kinds of agriculture with the land and the river”.

He said chiefs and elders will warmly welcome investors interested in developing the area, saying: “Any investor who comes to the area will not lose, but maximise profit”.

Speaking in an interview with the B&FT during his outdooring ceremony as the substantive Manklalo of the Battor Traditional area, Togbui Hevi VII also implored the Ministry of Tourism to take advantage of the area’s rich tourism potential, as it has potential of generating revenue for the area and nation.

Adding his voice, Stool Father of the Battor Traditional Area, Togbe Hottor, threw more light on the tourism potential – especially the river in the area.

“The tourism destinations are here; the river alone provides a huge tourism potential for the area, because most of our conferences are held in Ada. Because of the river, which is also in Battor, you can use the Volta River as a huge tourism potential whereby you can cruise from Battor to the estuary in Ada. You can also cruise from Battor to the mini-dam at Kpong; and develop a Ramsay site, which will attract beautiful birds along the river.”

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He said apart from fish farming, which is also their source of livelihood, the people are also into livestock keeping but need financial support to maximise their business.

Togbe Hottor explained the position of Manklalo as very critical one – an authority that keeps the power between the paramount chief and subjects, mandated to advise the Chief on what to do and not to do, carry concerns of the people to the chief, and maintain peace plus many more.

Some principal king-makers of the Kornorkuxor clan, Mr. John Gadawusu, Mr. Rudy Kwame Tsiamenyi, Mr. Christian Dekpor, and W. O.  Fergurson said they expect Tobui Hevi VII to lead the people of Battor culturally, historically and economically.

They said he should champion the effort of uniting all the five royal houses of the Kornorkuxor clan as well as all five clans of the Battor state.

“We are a fishing community, but our people have scattered to various areas with rivers in the country, especially along the Black Volta. That is why every inland fisherman is called Battor people, and this has left the town a little bit desolate – they only come during occasions like festival and funerals, and they all have to come home and contribute their quota to development of the area.”

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They also said another major reason for migration by their people to seek greener pasture elsewhere is poor economic activities in the area.

“Economic activities in the area are not that promising, making most our people migrate to other areas. But our ancestors were able to provide us with some inheritance; formerly, the sand along the river was where we used to farm. Whenever water is in flood, it leaves fertile land for us to farm, but after the construction of the dam the farmland is currently being used for mining sand.”

They indicated the sand-mining area is their rightful possession, and that the Mankalo must ensure revenue coming from the sand-winning benefits them (the owners) and the whole of Battor, especially in economic development.

Meanwhile, the youth of the area are pleading with the Manklalo, Togbe Hevi VII, to use his position to restore sanity in the longstanding chieftaincy dispute, unite the whole of Battor State, attract investors to tap all the untapped natural resources, create employment avenues, and lobby for the establishment of a university campus to encourage higher education levels in the area.

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