Diaspora needed for Africa’s tourism development – Ababio

The Director for Diaspora Affairs of the Office of the Presidency, Mr Akwasi Awua Ababio, , has said that there is the need to actively involve people in the diaspora to develop the tourism sector of Africa.

He said Africa is blessed with much resources which need to be developed for income generation and economic growth adding that tourism plays a major role in placing Africa on the pedestal of the world.

Mr Ababio made this statement during the 3rd Ghana-Nigeria tourism and culture showcase as part of this year’s 20th anniversary celebration of emancipation themed: ‘The Role of Tourism and Culture in the 21st century; The Needed Balance.”

He noted that the diaspora is made up of diverse people with great personalities who serve as ambassadors and therefore it is important to use them as marketers of the tourism sector of the continent.

Mr Ababio urged Ghana and Nigeria to work in unity to promote the tourism industry in the country and the continent as a whole. He said the connection and friendship between both countries would widen to embrace other African countries and the rest of the world.

“Let us package our tourist opportunities very well and market them through our people living in the Diaspora to the rest of the world. Ghana and Nigeria have had a very cordial relationship dating back and it is in the right direction that such a forum is organised to showcase the rich culture and natural heritage of both countries.”

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“We would have to look closely at eachother and identify what we lack and what can be done together in the area of tourism to boost the sector to be able to attract people worldwide. There are two basic things that both countries and in fact the continent has to boost off in relation to tourism and that includes our natural and cultural heritage, which presents enough opportunities to bring in more tourist”, said Mr. Ababio.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Tribe Media Company, Dr Bayero Agabi said the African culture connects businesses, health, technological development and Africans must therefore endeavour to become one people to be able to develop in all aspects.

He added that within the digital realm, it is important that Africans do not lose their identity, the value or the essence of who they were.

“It is only through that, that our music, dressing, food and culture would make sense. We must not only be seen as a people who shout, dance, eat and wear clothing’s from where they come from, but people who have grown and matured. Years ago we were emancipated, but there is still a lot of underdevelopment on the continent. If we do not cross that bridge, the urge to develop would be a bad dream”, Dr. Agabi noted.

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