Target these people online and succeed!……Pt. 1

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By understanding the purchasing behaviours of visitors to their eCommerce sites, e- retailers can adapt  customer experiences that are  precisely defined for targetted groups.

Similar to traditional brick and mortar commerce, eCommerce entrepreneurs stand to get more traffic if they can know exactly who is coming to their sites. An idea of what visitors to your sites do can also be very crucial in making some critical marketing decision for your business.

I stopped by a porridge-seller on my way to work, just a turn away from the main Tetteh Quarshie to 37 Military Hospital Road into the road leading to Ghana Home Loans. It was very early in the morning and I wanted to get some porridge for breakfast. After being served and on reaching for my wallet to pay, I realised I had only GH¢50 notes.  The seller wasn’t surprised at all or offended as the norm has been with others.

She explained that she knows the calibre of people who stop to buy porridge in such a corporate environment. Knowing this, she always comes prepared with her cash-container packed with lesser denominations. A deep understanding of the personality traits of your targetted environment will help you meet your potential visitors the right way and offer them just what they want – and also increase your sales.

Online marketing should not only be about the product you intend to offer but also about the behaviour of your target-market. These days, shoppers are becoming very spoilt for choice – expecting their online retailers to give them as much as possible; a more personalised shopping experience. I would like to briefly share some of the online personality traits in this article.

  1. The first-class shopper
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I have a colleague in my office who will order the latest version of anything coming from a brand he admires or likes. For instance, he will do anything to get the next release of iPhone. He is the type who will go online shopping for premium names.

Trait: So far as it is coming from a well-known brand, he will go for it irrespective of the price.

Expert advice: So, you let him know the latest trends in the world out there – citing examples if you can about which celebrity is using the same kind of product. Also, express what new features this new version comes with etc. Then close this with a mouth-watering minimum order value that attracts some deal.

  1. The unfocused shopper

There are people who before they visit your site have already opened about two or three other sites. These could be their social network sites like Google+ or Facebook. Maybe they have their twitter account window also open.

Trait: This person usually initiates a check-out process only to abandon it somewhere along the way. It is obvious her concentration is not on just your page but rather on various different tasks.

Expert advice: Make her an offer that will make her complete the check-out process. For instance, propose a discount on any subsequent order if their current one is completed.

  1. The resolute shopper

Like I have always said, in online business your competitor is just a click away. There are also others who will do a bit of research about products before making any attempt to purchase an item.

Trait: Here the shopper will have a look at the item over and again – if possible from different sites, wishing for some reduction in price and some discount offer.

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Expert advice: Get him to be sure that he is purchasing the right item and also at the correct price. This is when socialising your site matters. Here you can show him reviews from other users of the same item.

  1. The active shopper

I have seen people walking through the aisles of the Accra Mall just window-shopping. Sometimes these people end up buying on impulse. It happens also in online shopping, where people are constantly browsing but not making any purchase.

Trait: For the above shopper, he is not looking for any special incentives – but they can help make him buy anyway. These are very active shoppers who flip through lots of websites.

Expert advice: If possible, try very innovative sale offers that will sweep them off their feet and get them buying.

  1. The sparing shopper

Of course, you don’t expect all visitors to your site to have the same purchasing power. When your target market is so wide that it covers almost all sectors of social classes, it is advisable to offer a slightly-used alternative to brand-new items of the same kind. As seen mostly in amazon, books of the same brand sometimes come with alternative used ones at a cheaper price.

Trait: This shopper can sacrifice his need for the product and buy only if there is a used-one so as to save cost.

Expert advice: Provide the slightly-used alternative to this online shopper. Saving some cash will definitely be a great incentive to make him buy.

… be continued.




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