Additional tax on MOMO will burden customers  

Eli Hini, General Manager for Mobile Financial Services, MTN

Imposing additional taxes on mobile financial services will only serve to burden users and has the potential to draw people away from this growing sector, Mr. Eli Hini, General Manager for Mobile Financial Services of MTN, has said.

“So, we want to put a day set aside which will the 15th of August, and we will be discussing the whole conversation around mobile financial services; the fact that putting additional tax will burden the service because already as corporate institutions we pay taxes on the service at the end of every year, when we declare our corporate tax.

So, there is already tax being declared on the service. Our agents and merchants who use the service and earn commissions, we also pay taxes on those commissions to the government, so there are already taxes being paid on the service,” he said at the launch of the MTN Mobile Money Month held at the Kaosa new market, in the Central Region.

He also stated that, it is about time we digitize payments in this country, by taking a diligent look at our systems of payments since we make different kinds of payments in this country.

“It is important to take a second look at the mode of payments in Ghana. There are a lot of payments made in this country for various reasons. We have payment from government to people, businesses to people and vice versa. It is about time that all forms of payments are digitized to enable us reap the benefits as a country,” he stated.

He added that: “Digitized payments will go a long way to benefit the individual, institutions and the economy in general. It will help for easy tracking of revenues made by institutions (big or small), reduce corruption, save money used in printing currency and improve overall efficiency in doing business.”

Mr. Eli Hini made reference to the fact that technology is changing everything including the way humans interact with each other and with their environment. Technological advancement is providing new opportunities for transacting business across the world.

The theme for this year’s event is: “Digitizing Payments in Ghana-The Role of Mobile Money.

“Digitizing Payments in Ghana – The Role of Mobile Money, is our theme for the Mobile Money month. We chose to focus on digital payments because of the potential it has to help drive financial inclusion and push us to another level in driving the cashless economy agenda”, Mr. Hini added.

This year’s Mobile Month will last from 31st July to 31st October. Prizes to be won by MTN MOMO users during this promotion include: iPhone10, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Digital Led flat screen televisions, and one can stand the chance of winning GHS 2000 at the end of the month and many others.

MTN, however, advises its cherished customers that, MTN will not send text messages to inform customers who will win any item or cash prize from this promotion, they will call through the MTN number 0244300000.

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