The Power of 5G Network

Fifth-generation wireless broadband – also known as 5G – operates with 5Ghz signal set to offer speeds of up to 1GB per second; 5G will provide better speeds and coverage than the current 4G. The vote to accelerate availability of 5G technology will help small businesses and entrepreneurs be more resilient and competitive in the business space. 

Corporate giants in the west are poised to take advantage of this high-speed Internet access to boost productivity, communication, operations et al to enhance growth that will fatten their bottom line.

From a sub-Saharan African SME perspective, this could be the magic-wand needed to catapult service delivery and business operations for business growth. The 5G network is built to cater for the increasing connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling device-to-device communications for up to a million devices per square kilometre, 5G will expand the burgeoning capabilities IoT brings to small businesses in a country like Ghana by:

Encouraging better business communications

From responding to customer queries to communicating with remote workers on remote access software, fast and reliable communications are vital for small business productivity, profitability and success. Businesses will be able to stream high-resolution video, audio and images with practically no latency. This will generate huge opportunities for instantaneous communication between customers, clients and service-delivery companies.

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Getting things done faster

Businesses such as Pizarea which depend heavily on Internet availability, online sales businesses or small IT companies sharing documents and files across the cloud, will enjoy fast and seamless access and a chance to get things done quicker and expand capability with Internet things and devices in their day-today-day business operations. This improved efficiency is likely to result in greater productivity among staff, paving the way for lower overheads and ultimately increased bottom lines.

Expanding capabilities with Internet of Things

Connected devices are increasingly evolving the way business is done. Ghanaians heavily depend on social media tools such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other online portals in the transaction of their out-of-home small businesses.

From managing production remotely and more efficiently to speeding up deliveries to customers by connecting all relevant processes, to harnessing the power of IT, the introduction of 5G will surely help these small businesses increase efficiencies and ultimately profits that will generate growth.

Encouraging small business innovation

Living in a tech-driven world with innovative minds and young graduates looking to make a difference in society, an increase in Internet speed means the Ghanaian economy, large businesses and SMEs will be more innovative, resilient and competitive in their approach to content/concept development and sustenance within the business space.

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Improve recruiting processes and bridge skill-gaps

Another way 5G could significantly benefit small businesses is by improving recruitment processes, helping business owners recruit the right talent to help take their businesses to the next level.

Not only do the improvements 5G brings to video and teleconferencing technology mean businesses can find and recruit top talent, but forward-thinking businesses can utilise the benefits of being a connected company with employees working remotely from anywhere in the world. This will surely help small companies bridge the skills gaps they may have been struggling to close.

>>>The writer is a tech enthusiast; Founder and CEO of Pizarea, an online ordering and delivery service company which capitalizes on modern technology to enhance entrepreneurship and create youth employment. He can be reached via  Facebook: @Henry Ameleke Instagram: @Dameleke


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