Experts caution against rise in cyber security threats

Cyber security experts at a capacity building workshop held in Accra for industry players have cautioned institutions engaged in financial transactions such as banks, telecommunication service providers, mobile phone users among others, to guard against emerging sophisticated threats by hackers.

They expressed grave concern about the cyber security vulnerability-risk of some institutions providing vital services in the country, warning that if appropriate security measures are not put in place many institutions could suffer huge monetary losses as well as technical and reputational damages.

Desmond Israel, CEO and Lead Consultant of Information Security Architects (ISA) Limited, a leading data privacy and security firm in the country, noted that even though a recent ITU Global Cyber Security Index rated Ghana above its African peers for its effort in instituting the needed legal, regulatory & policy framework, the country’s capacity to guard against cyber security threats and find technical solutions for attacks is limited.

“As the cyber security landscape evolves, attackers become more sophisticated and many institutions and users of cyber-related services continually stand the risk of cyber threat exposures, making them struggle to keep up with the level of attacks; and in many cases, they may not even know about the dangers of these attacks and means of finding the right solution to them,” he said.

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Chief Executive Officer of Spearhead Networks, Mr. Ernest Offei Darko Mensah, also underscored the need for deeper capacity building training for staff of relevant corporate and public institutions to assist them in the governance of cyber risk-exposure and effectively manage their cyber infrastructure.

On his part, a cyber-security researcher at Net-Watch Technologies – Mr. Adam Nurudini, predicted that cyber security breaches will increase by the year 2021 through the use of hacking tools, resulting in more attacks on government portals.

He therefore called for a more proactive and collaborative engagement with relevant stakeholders to ensure awareness of these real-time exposures and bring the menace under control.

The workshop, the first in a series, was also aimed at building resilient business synergy among a team of high-profile ICT and cyber security practitioners to effectively assist institutions in combatting the threat of cyber security vulnerability in the country.

It was organised by Netwatch Technologies, Information Security Architects (ISA) and Spearhead Networks – an ICT security consulting firm and winner of the 2016 IT Security Provider of the Year and 2017 Cyber Security Company of the Year held under the auspices of Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Association (GITTA).

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