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On 26th June 2018, meqasa.com, Ghana’s leading online property website marked it’s significant transformation from a budding startup company to a thriving enterprise by changing its logo and launching two new mobile applications.

meqasa.com acquired Jumia House in 2017 to become Ghana’s prime online marketplace for real estate. The rebranding is a reflection of the Company’s current authority as a leader in the real estate sector. The prominent features of the new meqasa.com are a new logo and the launch of two mobile applications.

The new logo of meqasa.com is cleaner and more precise, consisting of a simple flat house and a location icon. These two elements signify the ability of meqasa to locate property all over the country. The new colours; white, pink and dark blue, emphasize the progression of meqasa from its inception.

The white colour symbolizes new beginnings,thus the new face and structure of meqasa. The pink colour in the logo represents warmth and a friendly invitation to the thousands of people that throng meqasa.com monthly. Lastly, the dark blue colour in the meqasa logo symbolizes trust, respect and a dare to be different, as meqasa.com has demonstrated in becoming the number one online portal for real estate.

The two mobile apps launched as part of the rebranding was to make it easier for people to navigate their own property preferences, tailor their property searches and to communicate with agents easily and directly. This has provided cost and time efficient means of acquiring property.

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The meqasa seeker app allows people to browse through thousands of listed properties three times faster than the desktop application, all at the click of a button. The app allows seekers to save their search preferences, filter their searches and send their search preferences to others. Seekers also receive notification alerts on their phones concerning properties they may be interested in based on their search preferences. Another amazing feature about this application is that seekers can directly call, text, whatsapp or email property agents at the click of a button. The application is user friendly which makes it easy for anyone to use.

The other mobile application, primarily for real estate agents delivers up to three times quicker listing of properties to agents’ portfolio, and also serves as a virtual office once logged into. Every detail of agents’ portfolio is synced online, allowing them to preserve information even when their devices malfunction. The app also features push notifications from seekers on properties managed by agents, this has allowed agents to respond to the needs of seekers promptly.

The meqasa agent app now allows agents to make edits to their portfolio easily, especially when listing a new property on the market or marking it as unavailable. This is because with the mobile app, there is no third-party interference.

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The mobile app still maintains the features of the desktop app but with additional exclusive features such as the direct communication between agents and seekers via WhatsApp and the ability to save search preferences.

The meqasa.com seeker app is available for free download from the Google Play Store and the meqasa agent app is also available for free download from here on Google Play Store.

The rebranding of meqasa.com has marked a significant milestone in the history of the company. As Ghana’s No. 1 online property website, meqasa.com remains the easiest way to rent, buy or sell real estate.

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