Impact Inspiring Start-ups made in 2018

When our journalist Obed Attah Yeboah proposed the Inspiring Start-ups page to the editor of Business and Financial Times in 2016, he made that his goal for this initiative was to provide a platform for Small businesses to showcase what they have to the world and link them to potential clients and investors.

So, in July 2016 the Managing Editor of this respected paper, William Selassy Adjadogo, gave the go-ahead for our journalist to start profiling entrepreneurs, especially startups, who are introducing creative and innovative products and services onto the market.

The B&FT sees this as its own little way of joining and promoting the Made in Ghana campaign, which we believe is the only way of making the Ghanaian-owned economy dream realisable. It is impressive to know that for the about-50 entrepreneurs we profiled this year — 2018 — all had positive feed-back that helped their businesses one way or another.

Some had astronomical jumps in their customer-base after the publication came out; others had investors expressing interest in their businesses – and all said the trust and confidence level in their products and services has deepened.

It is against this background that we have decided to share a few of such experiences with our readers and assure them that we will continue in our relentless effort to promote our own by using our Inspiring Startups platform.

We want to also use this opportunity to thank all our readers for your great and wonderful feed-back on the weekly stories we published about these entrepreneurs. This has encouraged us to maintain our belief that the Inspiring Startups page is contributing to growth of small businesses in the country.

And we also reserve high praise for all our readers who responded to the calls made by our entrepreneurs to patronise their products, and even possibly invest in their businesses. Some of you, our readers, even went a step further to send messages via our social media page or through the personal contacts of the entrepreneurs to commend them on their creativity and innovation.

We believe without your interest shown in our work, we couldn’t have come this far. We look forward to more engagement in 2019, and to bringing you more exciting stories.

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Special thanks also go to all within the company who made this startup project idea successful—the managing editor, news editor, the journalists, graphic designer Bob Roco Romeo, and the online team.

Thank you all for your support; stay blessed!

Our feedback

Juliet Gawu, CEO of Ejuel Foods

Her startup is changing the taste of gari, a local grain in Ghana made from cassava. She has it in chocolate, vanilla, coconut, banana, strawberry, and pineapple flavours. Her article was published in February 2018 and she said it has since been the game-changer for her business. In her own words, she thanked the B&FT for “discovering a young lady with a dream”.

“That 2nd February 2018 publication has turned my life around, with big exposure and huge impact on sales month after month all year round.

“Your medium [the B&FT] is a trusted platform across the country and beyond; a great source for news and happenings. Being featured in it, I say, was the lifeline for my business. It gave my business the credibility it needed for people to associate with the brand and do business with us without any fear or panic.

“It gave me the urge to do more, and provided a space in our competitive and comparative market. There are a good number of investors willing to do business with us, thanks to the publication,” Juliet said.Contact: 054 523 6565

Rubaba Sule-Braimah, CEO of Rudis Essentials

Her startup makes body lotions, lip balms, hand creams, hair creams, among others from coconut oil. Her article appeared in the paper’s June 7th edition. This is what she said: “The interview was my first media appearance. Following the publication, I was contacted by one of the reputable hotels in Accra to supply it some of my products. My family also started to extend more support to me after the publication.

“People who already knew me but didn’t know about my business were excited to see me in the paper, and because of that they bought some of my products. I also gained a mentor in one of your avid readers as well. Thanks so much for the opportunity, B&FT.” Contact: 024 521 3356

Emmanuel Yevugah, CEO of Diamond Star Automobile Services

His startup is changing the status quo of auto-mechanic businesses, which are usually carried out in very unattractive structures along the streets or corners somewhere. He applies modern methods of diagnostics to vehicles to learn the exact problem before repairing them. He also had this to say:

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“Our clients and patrons’ confidence level in us as an automobile service provider has been boosted. We had more people calling on us for their vehicular problems to be sorted out for them after the publication. Business orgnaisations such as banks keep knocking on our door to have a business relationship with us.

“In this regard, we are also ensuring we maintain that high level of standard by making sure our business relationship is based on honesty, reliability, quick delivery and good after-sales services,” Mr. Yevugah said. Contact: 024 372 3679 

Eric Kwame Adu Amos, the paper-bag manufacturer

Kwame Adu, a resident in Tafo, Eastern Region of Ghana, is an entrepreneur who wants to flush plastic bags out of the system by producing an eco-friendly substitute — paper-bags. His article caught the attention of Business Development Minister Ibrahim Awal, and he facilitated his enrolment in the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP). Through this, he has been awarded an amount of GH¢10,000 to inject into his business as capital. Contact: 054 356 9945 

Bernard Nartey, CEO of Nat Recycling

This gentleman is an entrepreneur who practices recycling car-tyres into furniture, sound systems and other useful products.

He told our paper that the story about him changed everything in his business. Through the publication, he got many orders from people – so much that he couldn’t even meet demand. Aside from that, he got an investor who has now acquired a 20 percent share in his business and introduced a lot of reforms since joining.  The publication, he said, has also boosted the reputation of his business and made it more credible.

Contact: 024 550 3762

Yes, the startup page has benefitted the many entrepreneurs who were featured. We could go on and on but space will not allow us to publish more. The above you read are just five of the over-50 entrepreneurs we had feed-back from. Let us all support our startups, as they hold the key to addressing the country’s unemployment challenge.

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