GPHA: Staff union retract allegations against Mac Manu

Peter Mac Manu, Board Chairman, GPHA

The Senior and Junior Staff unions of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) in Tema and Takoradi have retracted their earlier claims of corruption against the board chairman of the company, Peter Mac Manu, and have rendered their unreserved apology.

At a press conference in Accra, the unions explained that the allegations that were leveled against the GPHA board chairman were not done “out of malice” but were due to inadequate engagement with management on some of their concerns.

“Some facts have come to our notice which on hindsight we should not have brought into the public domain against Mr. Peter Mac Manu and his family.

“We therefore withdraw the allegations against Mr. Peter Mac Manu in particular, his wife and sons, and unreservedly apologise to them,” said the statement read by Mr. John Aseeph, Senior Staff Union Chairman of GPHA Tema.

It continued: “We are sorry for the embarrassment and inconvenience our press conference might have caused Mr. Peter Mac Manu and members of his family; and once again we apologise unreservedly”.

According to Mr. Aseeph, staff of the GPHA, as a union and social partner, have a common objective of working together with management toward achieving the company’s objectives.

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“Nevertheless, we as a union with a role to protect public interest will not shirk our responsibility as watchdogs of accountability in the governance of public institutions.

“We think there must be peace and solidarity with our social partners at the workplace to achieve our goals,” he indicated.

The union on May 24 this year held a press conference at Takoradi in which they alleged their board chairman had, among other concerns, given contracts to his wife and children and thus put himself in a conflict of interest situation.

The workers then issued a two-week ultimatum for government to remove the board chairman from post or face their wrath, adding that his removal would safeguard the authority’s interests.

But Mr. Mac Manu denied all the allegations in a counter press conference and instructed his lawyers to write to the union leader and ensure that the allegations were withdrawn within 10-days or face him in court.

Part of the letter written to the union leadership read: “You, as well as the Unions involved, are by this letter put on notice that should you fail to meet our client’s demands herein within 10 days from the date of this letter, we have unequivocal instructions to take all necessary legal steps including but not limited to commencing legal action against you and the unions involved to salvage our client’s reputation”.

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