GRA to eliminate paperwork by 2018

Mr. Henry Yentumi (Technical Adviser to Commissioner General 2, Ghana Revenue Authority )

The Technical Advisor to the Commissioner General, Henry Yentumi, has stated that the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) will begin full digital process by the end of the year.

Speaking as a panelist at the 2018 Ghana Economic Forum organized by the Business and Financial Times, Mr. Yentumi emphasized the importance of digitization as part of the public sector reform process.

“By the end of 2018, GRA will eliminate paper work, we will digitize all our processes” Mr. Yentumi said.

He also added that when the public sector reform process takes off, Ghanaians can access TIN from the comfort of their rooms, what is required is just a National ID.

The GRA has already commenced processes to educate informal sector businesses on data keeping to increase their tax compliance.

In November, 2017, GRA launched a nationwide tax campaign on voluntary tax compliance.  The tagline for the campaign was #OurTaxesOurFuture. 

The campaign was about developing and sustaining a national conversation on taxes; increasing awareness of Ghanaians on the importance of this important civic obligation and the disservice we do to our country if we do not pay our taxes

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