GEF 2018: Economic growth must translate into development — Dr. Dankwa

Dr. Mrs. Edith Dankwa, (CEO of Business & Financial Times Ltd.)

Dr. Edith Dankwa, Chief Executive Office of the Business and Financial Times Limited has said that although the Ghanaian economy has grown strongly, there are still signs of underdevelopment.

Speaking at the opening of the Ghana Economic Forum (GEF), under the theme: “Building a Competitive Economy for Sustainable Growth,” Dr. Dankwa stated that, Ghana which was touted as one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a GDP of 14% in recent years, is battling visible signs of underdevelopment.

“In 2011, the country was the fast-growing economy in the world with a GDP of 14%. This year, the economy is projected to expand by 6.8% while real non-oil GDP is expected to grow by 5.4% over the same period.

Inflation is trending downward, and the interest rates are also declining, the country has so far shown that with a vibrant private sector supported by a friendly business operating environment, all the sustainable development goals can be achieved,” she said.

Dr. Dankwa further explained that to take the economy back to its fast rise, government together with the private sector must pursue a common agenda to create jobs for the populace.

“The government and business community must pursue a common agenda to create jobs for people. As we pursue economic prosperity there is need for us as a country to ensure economic prosperity is more equitable, and that there is diversity and inclusiveness,” she said.

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The Ghana Economic Forum which is sponsored by Barclays Bank Ghana, is in its seventh year began in 2012 and has created a platform for changing policy, building stronger economic reforms and influencing businesses.






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