FBN Bank introduces ‘Save and Win’ promo

FBNBank has introduced the second edition of its ‘FBNBank Save and Win’ promo to deepen the clarion call to Ghanaian to develop a savings culture as well as create value and opportunities to their existing and prospective customers.

According to the Managing Director and CEO, Gbenga Odeyeni, FBNBank noted that developing savings culture secures an individual’s future. He said: “We would like our customers to understand that savings is the future, with it, you earn interest on your funds deposited. It is probably one of the safest ways you can make an investment without any risk involved. it allows you easy access to your deposited money whenever you require it.”

He also noted that the ‘FBNBank Save and Win’ promo serves as another opportunity for the bank to express gratitude to their existing customers and the new ones that would be signing up for the banking services.

The CEO added that the promotion will help broaden the bank’s customer base by connecting the unbaked population through excellent products and services that meet their financial needs.

To participate in the FBNBank Save and Win Promo, customers need to make a deposit of GHc200 (and/or multiples of it) into an existing or new individual savings/current account. Each GHc200 deposit earns a customer 1 point.

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Gbenga Odeyeni said that all customers who, at the start of the promo, have a minimum balance of GHc 1,000 in their accounts will get one point for every GHe1,000 as “advance points” up to a maximum of 10 points.

Advance points will be earned only on incremental basis for as long as customer deposit remains in the account during the period of the promotion. To participate in the monthly draws or the grand draw, customers need to maintain a minimum of GHe1,000 in their individual current/savings accounts

All eligible customers who have met the terms and conditions for the FBNBank Save & Win Promo would be entered into draws that would be supervised by the National Lottery Authority and through which winners would emerge.

The promo, which begins in May through to August, 2018 would have a total of four draws in all. The first three would be mini draws and the last one would be the grand draw.

According to the CEO: “for each draw, 10 winners would be announced. This means for all the four draws, a total 40 customers who have saved and qualified for the promo would become our winners. He was however quick to add that: The bank’s staff, their family members, agency partners and vendors of the bank and their families are exempted from participating in the promo.”

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The prizes for the FBNBank Save and Win Promo grand draw include LED TVs, Fridges, Washing Machines, Gas Cookers, Laptops, iPads & Smartphones.

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