VRA : Best ESG Power Producer West Africa 2018

The first in Sub-Saharan Africa to meet the most important of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – cutting the poverty rate in half – Ghana has now moved into the middle-income category, thanks to a buoyant economy that boasts consistently strong growth rates.

One of West Africa’s economic power houses, Ghana’s growth is fueled by the electric power generated by the Volta River Authority(VRA) – the country’s main supplier of Electricity since 1961.

The VRA also exports power to neighboring Burkina Faso, Togo/Benin and has power exchange arrangements with Cote D’voire.

The company has established a solid reputation for operational efficiency and is considered a key component of Ghana’s development drive.

The VRA is a constituent part of the West African Power Pool, a regional initiative that aims to interconnect national grids in order to facilitate the cross-border trade in electricity.  In addition to its two large hydroelectric power stations that straddle the mighty Volta River, the Authority operates a number of thermal plants as well as a 2.5MW Solar PV Plant.

The Volta River Authority injects around 2,600MW into the country’s grid and has unveiled plants to prioritize the construction of facilities that use renewable energy. VRA will add an additional 12MW of Solar Power to its portfolio by the end of 2019. The goal is to have 200MW of solar capacity installed by 2022 and alongside 80MW of wind power.

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The VRA has also lent its expertise to power generators throughout the region in order to improve operations and increase efficiency.  The company is recognized for its professionalism and dedication to operational excellence.  VRA was an early adopter of ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards and has used sustainability principles to perfect its operations.

The CFI.co judging panel agrees that VRA has built an enviable reputation as a driver of sustainable development in Ghana and beyond.  The judges declare the Volta River Authority winner of the 2018 Best ESG Power Producer West Africa Award.

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