Stars From All Nations launches ‘Readyforwork’ Career Coaching Programme

Stars From All Nations (SFAN), a high impact social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and work, has launched its ‘Readyforwork’ Career Coaching Program.

The programme is a four-course module that seeks to equip young people with the skills necessary to gain employment and contribute to a highly productive workplace.

Group discussions, team conversations, and one-on-one coaching empower participants to take ownership of their career aspirations and grow in confidence that yields success. This is not a seminar. This is not a conference. This is a class taught by employers.

Topics covered in this programme include resumes and cover letters, internship, job search and skills, interviewing and attire, personal branding, social media and business etiquette, communication, storytelling and design thinking, and career advancement, networking, entrepreneurial mindset and leadership.

A statement from SFAN noted that although there have been tremendous improvements in economic transformation and technology innovation in Africa, the challenge lies in integrating youth into the workforce.

“Obviously, there is a big disconnect because, inasmuch as the economy is expanding and domestic demand is increasing, access to gainful employment is not, hence the growing youth unemployment rate in Africa,” the statement said.

According to the African Development Bank Group, 10-12 million youth seek to enter the workforce each year. Even when jobs are available, youth often do not have the skills required by employers.

Registration is ongoing for the fourth course taking place at Impact Hub Accra, on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

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