Tropical Cables & Conductors make case for indigenous firms

Indigenous cable manufacturer, Tropical Cables and Conductors Limited (TCCL), has taken delivery of its first Ghana-made vehicle, a Kantanka pickup, in a gesture that is expected to help inspire counterpart firms to patronise locally-produced goods.

The purchase is one of the first by a corporate institution and is expected to inspire other companies to patronise the products of the country’s only locally-based automobile manufacturer.

Celebrated industrialist and Managing Director of TCCL, Dr. Tony Oteng-Gyasi, said at a handing over event at Tema in Accra that the purchase could mark the beginning of the replacement of the company’s fleet of vehicles with Kantanka products.

As an indigenous manufacturer, Dr. Oteng-Gyasi, said TCCL was of the conviction that companies should patronise each other’s products, especially when they are of high value, to help grow the various firms.

“When we found out that Kantanka Automobile was actually manufacturing cars of such high value, we thought that rather than the imported pickups we have been purchasing over the years, we should start patronising their products,” he said.

Signal to colleagues

TCCL, a pioneer cables and conductors manufacturer in the country and West Africa in general, has grown from a humble beginning with a production capacity 500 tons of metal in 1997 to 5,000 tons of aluminium and copper.

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Beyond growing the fortunes of the company, its managing director has been at the forefront of advocating for indigenous businesses in his personal capacity as an industrialist and former President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).

As a result, he said TCCL’s purchase of the Kantanka vehicle was “a loud and clear message that there is a local vehicle manufacturer whose product is comparable to any that you can import. So, it is our duty as Ghanaian companies, companies working in Ghana, whether local or foreign, to buy vehicles made in Ghana,” he added.

He challenged the government to use policy to stimulate demand for locally made goods, explaining that such a gesture could not only growth the firms but would boost growth in manufacturing, which has been at the mercy of the country’s strong appetite for imports.

It will also boost job creation and create a dependent economy, Dr Oteng-Gyasi said.

A dream come through

The General Manager of Kantanka Autombile, Mr Francis Kudjorjie, said TCCL’s purchase of the Kantanka pickup was a dream come through for the company. Over the years, he said Kantanka Automobile has been yearning and advocating for companies in the country to patronise its products but to no avail.

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“This is one of our biggest achievements so far that a local manufacturer is making use of a locally-manufactured vehicle. I think that if all companies and government agencies looked up to TCCL and did the same thing, Kantanka and Ghana will be getting somewhere,” he said.

He thus expressed the hope that TCCL’s gesture will inspire other companies to patronise the company’s products to help boost growth and create more jobs for the youth. Beyond being produced locally, Mr Kudjorjie said the company’s products are of high quality and give value for money.

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