Trial commences in Unipac suit against Halliburton

Trial has finally commenced in the case between Unipac Properties – a Ghanaian-registered property management and logistics firm, and Halliburton International, the American multinational oilfield services company, after three years of legal wrangling.

The suit, which is being heard in the Commercial Division of the High Court in Accra, was filed against Halliburton International by Unipac Properties in 2015.

The Plaintiff, Unipac Properties, is seeking damages in the form of compensation against Halliburton International for wrongful termination of contract.

According to the Statement of Claim, Unipac Properties was contracted on January 15, 2014 by the Defendant, Halliburton International, to provide facilities management services on its premises in Takoradi.

In reliance on the said contract, Unipac employed staff and entered into agreements to facilitate its performance of the terms of the contract with Halliburton. Unipac further claims that during the pendency of the agreement Halliburton begun pressurising it to reduce, amend or deviate from agreed terms.

Unipac further alleges that Halliburton also made several approaches to its staff during the pendency of the contract in breach of their agreement. A deterioration in the relationship led to Halliburton terminating the contract without assigning reasons, and only informed Unipac through a letter that it had terminated the contract for reasons of convenience.

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According to Halliburton, the Contract between the parties includes a clause that gives them the power to terminate for convenience – a position that Unipac has hotly contested and which crucial matter now lies before the Court for determination.

It will be recalled that the Ghanaian Times first reported the court case between the two on February 3, 2016, as part of its monitoring agenda in the developing oil industry of Ghana between local industries and international partners – particularly in reference to implementing local content regulations in the sector.

The trial continues.


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