Toyota cautions customers to be on the lookout for fake spare-parts

The all-new Toyota Rush, which was showcased at the 2018 Toyota Users Conference

To ensure optimum performance and safety of Toyota vehicles, Toyota vehicle users have been encouraged to ensure the use of genuine spare-parts as against opting for ‘cheap’ and fake spare-parts which could compromise vehicle usability and safety.

The use of fake Toyota components, according to the National Sales and Marketing Manager-Toyota Ghana Company Limited (TGCL), Mr. Andrew Lamptey, not only comes with financial cost but has the potential to cost one’s life.

He warned that the fake components wear out easily, are unreliable and have a high failure rate; and, therefore, are not at any time advisable to use in Toyota vehicle maintenance or repair of faulty parts.

Mr. Lamptey also said that the manufacturer does not agree to the use of Toyota vehicles made for specific regions to be imported and used in different regions – for the reason that several factors are considered in making vehicles for every region.

These considerations, he noted, include road conditions, weather, technology available to service the vehicles, fuel quality among other environmental factors.

In this regard, he said: “If Toyota is producing a vehicle, they work with the local distributor that has been appointed to check all these conditions to decide what will go into the making of a vehicle for the specific region”.

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The National Sales and Marketing Manager, who spoke to the B&FT in an interview during the 2018 Toyota Users Conference in Kumasi, therefore urged customers to always engage their local Toyota distributor for product advice.

In an address read on his behalf, the Managing Director of TGCL, Mr. Takuya Kajiura, noted the voices of their customers are a strong influence in their business operations – through which they have gathered tangible information for product improvement.

He particularly noted that over the period the company has consistently developed roadmaps for operational expansion to satisfy customers. “This expansion has resulted in the commissioning of new branches in the country, with the most recent one in the Takoradi area.”

The Toyota Users Conference – a yearly-organised event on the corporate calendar of Toyota to meet with its customers – is among others aimed to take feedback from customers, inform them of other opportunities that exist for them as well as expose some new products meant for the local market.

Mr. Kajiura said: “As a company, we believe in the principle of mutual engagement for development”.

The 2018 edition, which was held on the theme ‘Toyota your dependable partner within reach’, was also used to launch some new products including the all-new Toyota Rush, which comes with a 1.5-litre engine, push to start, seven-seating capacity, reverse camera and sensor among others.

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The Kumasi Branch Manager, Mr. Bright Akwensivie, also speaking in an interview said to avoid any doubt, Toyota users or customers should make it a point to visit the local official Toyota Distributor for all services and products.





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