TOTAL launches Troxi Club

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited has launched the TOTAL Troxi Club, a special Total Card package to help commercial drivers to reduce their fuel and oil costs.

The Troxi club also offers these drivers rewards and discounts when they use the TOTAL Card to buy fuel and oils at any TOTAL service stations in the country.

This, according to the Managing Director of TOTAL, Mr. Eric Fanchini, will go a long way to support the commercial drivers manage monthly spend on fuels and lubricants effectively as well as offer them appreciable level of saving.

Speaking to commercial drivers in Kaneshi during the launch, he added that this initiative is in line with the company’s commitment to use innovation as a tool to provide quality products and services which aims at offering best-in-class solutions and relief to customers of the company.

He said: “Total values each customer and for that matter, seeks innovative ways of addressing their specific needs. Total understands that fuels and oils, in general, are huge cost components for operating Taxi and Trotro services in the country and therefore we will continuously seek ways to enhance the benefit packages for all members of the Troxi Club”.

Mr. Fanchini added that: “Our dear Trotro and Taxi drivers, we want to assure you that Total is concerned about you and your commercial activities. We want you to make profit as you purchase fuel and oils from Total service stations and also reward you for your loyalty to our brand. From today, you can now enjoy a cheaper fuel and engine oil price and many more attractive packages.”

He revealed that the TOTAL Card has been in operation in Ghana for over 20 years and has been the most reliable fuel management card for major companies and institutions as well as individuals in Ghana.

On her part, Manager for E-business and Card Manager, Ellen Safo Kantanka said To join this special Club, a Taxi or Trotro driver must get a TOTAL Card from any TOTAL Station in Ghana.  She said the card can be used to pay Fuel, Oils, Car care products, Food, Shop products and all other services at any TOTAL service station in Ghana.

She urged commercial drivers gathered to take advantage of the offer because they get to instantly save 2 pesewas per litre on fuel purchased and 5% of the open market price on oil.

Trotro and taxi drivers are expected to meet a monthly target of 750 litres and 600 litres of fuel respectively to gain one point for each month. She added that for every three months, rewards are available for drivers who are able to meet this target at the end of each month.

According to her, the TOTAL Card has a special pin code which secures the money and Transactions of these commercial drivers. She assured that drivers do not lose their monies when the cards get missing because available balance and all other form of information on the card can be transferred to a new card.

Taking them through the procedure for registration, Madam Safo Kantanka said: “Registration is free there are no hidden charges. You get an Instant Free Gift for your first loading of Ghc50 after which you can re-charge your card at any TOTAL Station in two different ways. You can recharge any amount you need for a day, week or a month in advance; or you can load at the same time you are going to buy.”

“Give your card and the amount you want to buy to Customer Attendant. He will load it and you can use it to pay.  If you pay the cash directly, you can’t get the discount. The discount is on the card! So, use your card all the time. Any time you want to make a purchase at a Total Station. Give your Card to the Customer Attendant and tell him the product you want to buy and how much you want to buy. He will put your Card in the Terminal to check how much credit you have on your card. After serving you, he will enter the sale onto the Terminal and give it to you to check that the amount is correct.  If everything is correct enter your PIN code and give the Terminal back to the Customer Attendant. Remember not to share your code with anyone”, said Madam Kantanka.

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