Tino Solutions trains solar power technicians

Tino Solutions, a renewable energy expert, has organised a workshop aimed at honing the skills of technicians who install solar power.

The purpose of the training, according to the Business Development Manager of Tino Solutions-Postino Dugle, is to furnish the trainees with modern technological methods of installing solar in homes and offices in order to serve consumers better and build a trusted industry.

“Our objective for this programme today is to train technicians who install solar power so that we can build a confident renewable energy industry in Ghana. Participants have learned new technology; they have learned some of the dos and don’ts so that we can get it done and done well.

“Once it is done well, consumers will have confidence in renewable energy—especially solar; and once their confidence level is high, we are positive that we can build a strong renewable energy sector in Ghana,” he said at the training programme held in Accra.

He urged consumers to take advantage of the benefits using solar energy provides them in the long-term, as it turns out to be cheaper than joining the national grid.

“Financing solar projects is still a big issue, and people have this perception out there that solar is expensive and only for the rich. That is not really the case, because from economic point of view you get your returns on investment in 3-5 years.

“And you find out that with a robust and viable system installed for solar energy, you can actually have 10-15 years lifespan out of it. So, if you have a system and you have invested money in and it is able to pay for itself in five years, that means you have 10 years or more of free power to actually enjoy,” he said.

Also speaking at the programme, Wisdom Ahiataku-Togobo – Director, Renewable and Nuclear Energy, Ministry of Energy – said government has put in measures to increase the contribution of renewable energy to 10 percent.

“We have the Renewable Energy Master Plan that clearly outlines every renewable energy technology toward achievement of our target. With the support of our renewable energy players and that of regulators and all those in the industry, I believe with time we will increase the contribution of renewable energy to 10 percent.

The Renewable Energy Act provides the enabling environment for scaling-up renewable energy, and the Master Plan shows how you can do it. It is not yet launched; we hope by end of the year it will be launched,” he said.

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